Running Makes Me Happy.

I never in a million years thought I’d write those words.

Since this morning I’ve been in bed for a while, talked to Carmi, been for a run, showered and had lunch. Now I’m just chilling, I’ve just finished watching the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries which was the last one that Nina Drobrev aka Elena Gillbert was in, so saying goodbye made me cry. For some reason I seem to be crying a lot with movies/tv series lately which is wierd because I’ve never been a crier when it comes to that, must have som unresolved issues haha!

Todays run was a 4.21km run, at a 7.3km/h average speed and a 63m highest elevation where I burned 353kcal. Where I live it’s a lot of up and down hills so I end up exhausted.. On my way back home there is this very long hill, not very steep, but very long and I push through it, but today I think I pushed a bit to hard. Yesterday was rest day so I think I should have gone with my 3.63km round, but I wanted to push myself and really feel that I exercised since I cheated with my last diet day.. So mission accomplished!

What I do want everyone to think of when you exercise is that it’s about taking care of your body, don’t push so much that your body completely shuts down. I was at the verge of that today, after this hill that I talked about I had to sit down and breath for about two minutes because I felt like my insides wanted out, I couldn’t breath or stand and my mouth tasted like blood. This is not good, obviously. I honestly love exercising and I love the feeling of having done something during the day when I go to sleep, and you should push yourself, when your body is saying “stop” make a compromise, go a little further and push yourself but then take it easy a little bit and let your body recuperate. I have no idea if this makes any sense at all but yeah, that’s all I wanted to say 🙂


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