The Sun Is Shining.

Good morning everyone!

I have been awake for maybe an hour and a half now and I have just been enjoying the sun shining through my window whilst having breakfast and watching The Golden Compass, haven’t watched this film in forever! I want to start watching a new tv series, so if anyone has any good recommendations please leave a comment 🙂

I happily allowed myself to sleep in today because I am going to be awake until 1am watching the BBMAs and I am not to keen on missing my sleeping hours haha!

Today I am going to go for my usual run and do the squat and plank challenge. Then I have to check so I have everything I need for this coming weeks diet and if I don’t (which I don’t think I do) I have to go to the corner shop and buy whatever it is that I need.. More money spending..


4 thoughts on “The Sun Is Shining.

  1. Jag har själv hittat denna uuuunderbara Australienska serie, Wentworth Prison! Helt i min stil. 🙂
    Annars är jag ett enormt fan av Pretty Little Liars, can’t wait until June and season six!!


    1. Ska kolla på Wentworth Prison se vad jag tycker om den 🙂
      Pretty Little Liars är EPIC! Det jobbiga med att titta på den är att man kanske får sju avsnitt och sen måste man vänta i flera månader.. :/


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