Mondays Suck.

I am so sleepy.

Today is Monday, and Mondays suck, everyone knows that.. Here’s what I have done today since we went to get my little one:

We went to get her, obviously, then we ran a few errands and came home. When we get home after school we have a little routine where C (my little one) gets changed and then we take the dog for a walk, every day she’s here, just so she gets used to having a dog and the responsibility it is. So after we walked the dog we watched the first half of Pitch Perfect whilst I cooked dinner, then we had dinner as a big happy family haha! And whilst I was doing the dished C watched the second half of the film.

Now here’s what surprised me, after watching the film we got to talking about Madame Tussauds and I showed her the photos from when I was there this summer, and she points at a photo of Beyonce and goes “who’s that?” DEAD. SERIOUS. I was speechless! Everyone knows Queen B, you might love her or not like her, you might even not care, but everyone knows Queen B! So I had to educate her, therefore we spent the coming half an hour listening to Beyonce songs… I mean, for real!

Now here’s something I realised whilst on my walk today, never make Sundays your rest day. Here’s why: Mondays suck enough as it is, it’s the day we all go back to school or work and when every problem that we’ve been avoiding over the weekend becomes real again and life, you know, starts up. So my advice is not to put having to get back to exercising on that big pile of responsibilities that we have to take up again on Mondays. Instead, make Mondays your rest day, one less thing to worry about! Does this make any sense?


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