Bad Knee.

Good morning beautiful peeps!

Today it is Tuesday, all day, just in case you missed it haha! Every Tuesday morning my little one is here and so the day starts at 7.45am. This is when my alarm goes off, I have a little panik attack whilst getting dressed because I always think I overslept, then I realise I didn’t, I go get C and we have breakfast, as it is Tuesday it is also the first day of this weeks Military Diet. After breakfast it’s time to get dressed, brush our teeth and do her hair before school. Mr. Boss Man and myself are usually home by 9am and this is when my time off for the day starts.

Today however was a bit different because we dropped the car off at the garage because it’s having some work done so Mr. Boss Man and myself took a lovely walk up the hill. When I got home I got in to my running shoes and I headed out.

Todays run was a 3.84km run, at a 6.0km/h average speed and a 138m highest elevation where I burned 318kcal. I don’t know why I don’t feel totally satisfied with my performance… Maybe it’s because my knee keeps messing me up and hurting… I really need to get myself proper running shoes that will help with my knee, but until then I am going to try and get a bandage-thingy that I can use to keep my knee in place.. Bloody knee.

Anyway, I also did my 45 squats and my 30sec plank so all exercise for today is done, ish. C is back tonight so we’ll be taking the dog for a walk as well.

Now I’m off to shower off all this sweat haha!


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