I Did It.

You know those days when you really don’t want to exercise?

Well I’ve been having that type of day both yesterday and today but I’ve been super good and gotten myself out on runs and I’ve done my squats and my plank, so I am very proud of myself! The thing I’ve learnt over the years that I’ve been exercising is that if you give in to that feeling of not wanting to do it once then you might as well give up. Have a rest day and a cheat day, but have decided days that can’t change just because you didn’t feel like exercising that day. If you give in once who says you’re not going to do it again?

Today’s run was a 3.85k run at a 7.1km/h average speed with a 133m highest elevation where I burned 321kcal, so just a bit better than yesterday. I literally just got back and I did my 50 squats and my 45sec plank and now I’m sitting on my bedroom floor with my water bottle trying to get the energy to go take a shower haha!

Am I the only one who does this? When I’ve exercised I don’t like to get in the shower straight away I actually like to sit and drink my water and just chill for a little bit, like not more than 30min, but just relax and let my body rest for a couple minutes, maybe this is weird haha!

Anyway, I probably should go shower sometime soon, I have a video to edit!


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