Walkies With Doggie.

Teddy and myself went for a lovely long walk today.

Since I can’t run I decided to take the dog for a long walk today, we were out for a good hour. The dog was so tired that when we were walking home he found a spot on the grass, looked me dead in to the eyes, and laid down haha! I LOL’d out in the middle of the street haha!

Anyway, my knees are definitely not ok and tomorrow I am calling the doctor to set up an appointment.. Just from that walk my knees were hurting and on Friday when I walked all over SW London my knees hurt as well, so I am officially worried and I want to see a doctor about this..

After my walk I did my 65 squats and my 1min plank, then sat and chilled for a bit before getting in to the shower. Oh lovely shower! You know when you feel all dirty and disgusting after spending a whole day at home in your jammies even when you’re not? That’s how I felt today so getting in to the shower was so super nice! I have also filmed Friday’s video, since I am working most part of this week I’m not going to have a chance to do it any other time, so yay for productivity!

As soon as I’ve decided what I want for dinner I will go downstairs and make myself said dinner, but until then I’m going to be watching Wentworth and wait a call from Carms 🙂



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