I Want To Run.

I am getting extremely restless.

I miss running! I really just want to put on my running shoes and head out for a 4.2k run right now, but I can’t because of my stupid knees. I really need to see a doctor about this and see what I can do so my knees don’t die at this young age..

Anyway, good morning to you all! It is Monday morning and Monday’s suck, but we established that last week. I have decided to take a very long walk today to the corner shop instead of going straight there to get my foodies for my diet starting tomorrow! Hopefully said walk will get some of this restlessness out of me and I’ll be able to sleep better at nights.

Other than that, C is back some time today and is going to be here all of tomorrow and Wednesday morning, then back on Friday and until the next Wednesday morning again, so I’m basically working this week haha!

I am now going to head downstairs to have some breakfast, do my 1.5min plank and no squats because it’s rest day, and then head out for my walk, hopefully it’ll be about 1.5h, that would be a good amount of time 🙂

What are you going to be doing to make you Monday suck less?


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