Loosing Weight.

Feeling better about myself.

After that downwards spiral I went through on my last post I had a little time to skype with my parents before heading downstairs for lunch. I had a little chat with Mr. Boss Man about life events before heading back upstairs.

When I got back to my room I realised it’s Wednesday which means it’s measuring day and another week of my eight week plan has started! So I got out my measuring tape and got to it, and I am very very happy to say that I have lost some inches here and there and I am super proud and extremely happy about that! This just proves that sometimes you can’t see the results in the mirror because you’re so used to seeing yourself but the measuring tape doesn’t lie! I’ve also done my 75 squats and no plank since it’s plank-rest-day.

If you can’t remember my eight week plan was this:

Week 1: Soft drinks (ex. coca-cola, sprite, non-alcoholic coctails…)
Week 3: Sweets and candy (ex. haribos’, chupa chups…)
Week 5: Cookies and chips (ex. chocolate chip, chocolate digestive, walkers…)
Week 7: Chocolate and fast food (ex. milk chocolate, McDonald’s, KFC…)
Week 8: Puddings (ex. apple pie…)

I’ve done Week 1 with only one “cheat drink” which was a coca-cola when I went out on Friday and everyone is allowed one cheat day/meal, I’m happy with the outcome of these first two weeks. Now Week 3 has started which takes away, not only soft drinks, but sweets and candy as well, so let’s see how this works out 🙂

Now my headache is kicking back in so before it completely murders me I’m going to sleep for a few hours.


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