Concrete Jungle.

I’ve been listening to Alicia Keys NYC song..

Since writing last time I’ve had my lunch and edited Carmis NYC daily vlog, I’m helping with that since she doesn’t have her laptop with her in NYC.

I did my 80 squats and my but felt it haha! 2 min plank was almost impossible.. I had to stop after 1min and 1.30min before making it to 2min.. Torture! But I did it anyway, which feels amazing! I forgot to write in my last post that todays walk was a 3.92k walk with an average speed of 3.0km/h with a highest elevation of 126m where I burned 215kcal and seeing as I only walked I am very happy with these numbers to be quite honest 🙂

My headache has been slowly creeping back so I’ve taken Advil and I’m going to rest for a bit before having dinner to see if I can get rid of it completely before tomorrow when C is back at 10am…


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