Newly Shaved Legs.

Ladies, you feel me right?

That wonderful feeling of newly shaved legs, incredible!

So, I’ve been awake and up for quite a few hours, since 11am actually, I’ve just been doing things haha! I had breakfast and talked to my daddy, then Carms called me from NYC and I talked to them for a bit, then I walked the dog and talked to my sister and my parents. And when I got home I got to shower, oh how I’ve been waiting for the moment to shower!

After yesterdays headache day spent in bed I felt disgusting and just wanted to shower, but since I knew I’d be walking for at least one hour today I waited until after my walk to take a shower, but it was worth the wait, definitely worth the wait. I took my time and enjoyed the hot water. Best shower ever. Now I’m just chilling whilst my legs suck in the lotion, I’m also going to do my 80 squats and my 2min plank, oh gosh help me, 2 minutes…

Anyway, here I go!


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