I’m not MIA don’t panic!

Sorry for the noticeable absence peeps.. As you know I was in Sweden last time I wrote on this little blog of mine but now I’m very much back in England.

So, yesterday it was Monday and after a great morning at my grandparents house I got on a train to Stockholm airport and then on a flight to London Heathrow where a car was waiting to pick me up. The journey was about six or seven Gossip Girl episodes long plus a bunch of waiting around whilst in Stockholm.

When I got home I literally said four words to Mr. Boss Man, unpacked and went to bed.

This morning it was time to go back to work! At 7.45am I got C and we did the morning run. I have to say the weather here has been on point since I landed and hopefully it keeps it up! So, after the morning run Mr. Boss Man and myself went by the other house and checked some things out before coming back home. I then looked for a job for a few hours before we went food shopping. We got all the necessary things and all the things that every person should have in their kitchen like milk, yogurt, fruit, veggies, eggs.. You know, the usual haha!

At 3pm it was time to get C again and so we did. When we got home C and myself went for a walk with the dog, but just a short one since 29ºC and no clouds doesn’t really scream “come outside and enjoy a nice day” it’s more of a “come outside and let me dehydrate, burn and heatwave you to death!” But I’m not complaining, I love the heat, it reminds me of Spain and the summers there 🙂

Now it’s bedtime for me, tomorrow I’m viewing a room and then meeting up with Rodri who’s flying in from Spain! 😀


My Happy Place.

Oh how I’ve missed the island.

Ok, explanation time! My grandparents used to own this summer house on an island shared with three other families and myself and my sister used to spend half of ur summers there since, well, forever. Four years ago they sold the house to my dad’s cousin, so it’s still in the family but it’s not the same.

Today I got to go out there and enjoy the fresh air, the cold water and the sound of seagulls and waves. I absolutely adore that place! There’s no words to explain the feeling of calmness, relaxation and happiness that overwhelms me when I get in to our little tin boat and we make our way over there.

Some people might think it’s rustic and very very old-school but that’s exactly what I love about it, the fact that if you want drinking water you have to bring it out with you, or if you want to keep food cool you have to keep it in a underground celler, or the fact that you have to pee in the woods because there’s no toilet, or that you have to bath naked in the sea if you want to clean yourself… All of these things might sound off-putting to a lot of you, but it’s my heaven.

This island is my childhood, my memories, my happy place.

my happy place thumnail

So Proud Of Pride.

Today is international Pride Day.

Just let that sink in, the world has an international day to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride… What has this world become? I am amazed of how far we’ve come, how loving and accepting this world has becomed. From slavery and exorcisms to a black President, legal same-sex marriage in the USA and an international pride day. I think I might just cry of happiness! :’)

Anyway, apart from being international pride day today it’s also the second day I get my fat ass up to the stationary bicycle my grandparents have up in the common room of their building and move. I know, I know, it’s not nearly as important but still, it’s something positive haha!

Yesterday I biked for 40min which was 18.63km distance and 422kcal, I was quite happy with this but decided to push myself even more today. So I did 50min which was 23.36km and 529kcal. Super happy to be moving again. I might just see if Mr. Boss Man has a bicycle I can borrow when I get back and go out for bike rides since I can’t run without damaging my knees..

Anyhow, it’s time for me to go to sleep, we’re heading out to the island tomorrow!



I was going to write about what I’ve done today, but other than cutting my hair I haven’t done anything.

What has happened today however that is very very important is that Same-sex Marriage is now legal in all of USA.

YES! This is such a big step, not only for LGBT+ rights but for human rights all over the world! No, we didn’t legalise Same-sex Marriage all over the world but this makes the eighteenth country in the world that has legal Same-sex Marriage! EIGHTEEN PEOPLE! That is amazing!

I am honestly so proud to be alive at this time in history where I get to see and help this development, this moving forward and giving everyone the rights to love and marry whomever they love and want to marry. Amazing.

I don’t really know what else to write or say more than I am so proud of this, we haven’t won the war but we did win yet another battle and the fight isn’t over yet!

Rainbow flag flies in the Castro.


I’m currently in Söderhamn, where my grandparents live.

Maybe I should start by telling you what I did yesterday seeing as I haven’t done that. Well, I woke up early in the morning and then Camilla and her sister came over so that Camilla and myself could film a video for my channel. Explanation, Camilla is a girl from Mexico that I’ve been internet friends with for the past like seven months. She’s a real sweetheart and agreed to film a video with me whist we were both in Sweden for the One Direction concert. Just think about that for a second, a girl from Mexico and a girl currently living in England met up at a One Direction concert in Sweden.. Mind. Blown.
Anyway, they came over, we filmed the video and chatted a little bit before they had to head off seeing as they were flying back to Berlin that same afternoon.

In the afternoon I went for late lunch/early dinner with my dad’s cousin and his family, these are people that I haven’t seen in fourteen years. Fourteen years, yeah! So yeah, he picked me up at about three, we ate and then we went for a walk. I spent a lot of this time talking to Lovisa who’s my dad’s cousin’s daughter, I see a lot of myself in her haha! When we were all done Lovisa and myself took the bus back to the city and I went to the apartment to pack up all of my things before heading to bed.

Today I woke up at 5am, again. Can someone explain to me why the bloody hell I keep booking my travels this early?! I did however walk half an hour to the train station and got on the train at 6.30am. I had this brilliant idea where I had videos that needed editing and my nails needed doing, but noo! Fifteen minutes in I started feeling sick, so I had to turn my laptop off and go to sleep before I threw up. I slept all the way through until about half an hour before I got to Stockholm, I thought I was fine but then the feeling of wanting to throw up hit me again like a ton of bricks, so I closed my eyes and waited for the train to stop. We had a delay so I had to run to my next train where I actually did get to edit, but only one video and I did not feel ill at all!

When I got to the train station here in Söderhamn my grandad was waiting for me, I had literally not seen him in a little more than a year! So he got a super hug and we came home, where my grandmother was waiting for me and she got a super hug as well. We had pancakes, jummy grandmas pancakes, and then went out in the town for a little while to run some errands. When we got home I edited two videos, we had dinner and I’ve since tried editing a third one, which didn’t work out, and then I’ve watched Pretty Little Liars and Wentworth. I have to say, what an episode of Wentworth, epic!

Now I just want to go to bed, so so so sleepy. I haven’t really been sleeping well at the apartment in Göteborg so yeah, a good nights sleep will do me good!

One Direction.

Yesterday was an amazig day.

Woke up and chilled with Hanna for the whole day before heading over to the stadium. There I met up with the two girls that bought the tickets from my friends. We headed in and had an amazing lunch/dinner before the concert started.

The concert started at about 8ish and we enjoyed every single minute of it! I did enjoy the whole VIP experience with the dinner and the great seats and everything but honestly? Now that I’ve done that next time I’ll be down on the floor, front row again haha!

The boys were amazing, they work so good as a four-piece! They were super energetic and all over the place, engaging so much more with the audience than they’ve done before. They were reading signs, dancing around, talking to the audience and yeah… There we’re these two girls who were amazingly lucky! One of them flew all the way from NYC to give Harry a letter and Liam saw his sign and got the letter and gave it to Harry! Imagine being this girl tho… And another one that drew this amazing drawing of Harry, and agsin Liam saw it and gave it to Harry. Then this angel sent from heaven above that is Harry Styles signed it, got a rose and a towel and gave it to a security guard to give it back to this girl…
Lucky girls…

Anyway, I walked back to the flat at 11pm when the concert ended, it’s a good 30min walk but I’m so used to that length walk do it was nothing, haha! I did however not fall asleep until 2.30am because of the excitement haha!




When In Sweden.

Hanna and I had meatballs for lunch.

No, we could not get any more swedish tbqh. But don’t judge, we’ve both been living in London and missed it so much!

Right now I’m sat at the hairdressers whilst Hanna is getting her hair cut, then I think we’ll just be walking around the shops before I need to go back to the apartment and get ready for the concert!

I’ve just checked twitter and there’s people camping out and queuing and it actually made me nervous, like I’m missing out and I’m going to be late, but I just need to remid myself of my VIP tickets and that it will be fine and the concert doesn’t start until 7pm.

Anyway, I’ll catch up in a bit!