Meeting Joey Graceffa.

Today has been an eventful day!

So, in the morning I headed in to London for my interview which went great btw, thanks for asking haha! Then I went to the fancy-ass pub where Carmi works and had lunch there and cuddled her before heading off to Queens Park to meet up with Hanna. We sat and chatted for a bit in the park before we went to her house for a bit so I could charge my phone 🙂

Then it was time for me to go to Waterstones in Piccadilly and meet Joey Graceffa. Whilst in this line I met the amazing Will, funniest guy ever! We chatted and became friends though these two hours we spent bonding, I swear I’ve met more people in the last week by going to events than I have in the past ten months of living in England haha! Anyway, Will and I have decided that we are going to collab some time soon because he has a youtube channel as well 😀

Joey was amazing, I got to hug him, take a selfie and talk to him for about two minutes and when I told him what I told him he said “congratulations!” and gave me another hug! He’s just the loveliest person ever and I am so happy I actually got to meet him :3

Now for all the One Direction Fangirls out there, Mark and Paul where there as well working the event. Yes, Mark from the “where are we gong today Mark?” videos and Paul as in their old tour manager Paul were there and I freaking fangirled over them and Will gave me a strange look haha!

But yeah, after meeting Joey, Will and myself met up with Carmi and we went to Starbucks were we enjoyed some jummy frapuccinos and then Will had to go. Carmi and I then decided to start walking and ended up walking from Piccadilly to Buckingham Palace and then back to Piccadilly completing the circle. Yes, we have a walking problem.

Anyway, now I’m home and super tired and sleepy and just want to go to bed, so I’ll talk to you all lovely people in the am.



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