Life Gets In The Way.

I’m sorry for being so bad lately…

Life has literally gotten in the way haha! I’ve been doing so many things, and if I’m not doing things I’m working so I’ve had to prioritize and blogging is up there but you know, not nr. 1 priority haha!

Anyway,I am currently on the train, yes again, on my way in to London, yes again. Hahaha! I swear the day I actually move in to the city I won’t have anything to do hahaha! Today is the Lux Lisbon concert and Carmi and myself have been asked to help with the filming and as rhe wonderful humans that we are we’ll be helping out. So I need to be at the venue at 6pm, that’s in 1h haha!

So yeah, today should be fun! Let’s see if these three years of media production Sweden taught me something or if it was a masive waist of time haha!


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