Stressful Day.

Oh my gosh!

Today has been a very full-up day! This morning I did the usual morning routine with C and when I got home I was going to take a “me-morning” and shower and do all the things I do to get ready for a shoot, but in the middle of all of this I found myself looking for a place to live. I posted an ad on and all of the sudden I had emails and phone calls coming in every two minutes, it was madness! Some places look amazing but are very pricy, some look ok and are a bit too pricy, some look very bad and are ok price and there’s the odd one that looks great and has a good price as well. After stressing about that, emailing and calling back so many people and showering it was time to go get C.

Straight after school I had a doctors appointment so C decided she wanted to join me and walk back to the house. So we went in, the nice doctor put me on the waiting list for physiotherapy and then we were off. 25min walk home and a bit of playing out in the garden and C and Mr. Boss Man headed off to McDonalds whilst I stayed home and had chicken, lettuce, yellow sweet pepper and rice pudding. When they got back C and myself did some reading and now I’m back to looking for places to live.

The wonderful thought of house sitting has now hit me and I think it’s a brilliant idea! People are most likely to go away for the summer moths, which is when I need a place to live, so I can take care of their pets and their house until I move in to my student acc! Brilliant! So I’ve applied for some of those as well, talked to my grandparents and my parents and now I am off to bed in a bit.

I think I might watch an episode of Gossip Girl before falling asleep. Early morning for me tomorrow!


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