Sorry for missing yesterday!

That’s the second time this has happened now and I’m so sorry haha!

Yesterday was a very eventful day. It started off with me waking up earlier to get ready before waking up C and doing the morning routine with her. Then, very nicely, Mr. Boss Man dropped me off at the train station before he went to drop C at school. Then I was in London, the tube was delayed and then the bus was delayed as well. I swear someone had something against me getting to the interview in time. But I called my agent and told her to let them know I was on my way but that there had been issues with the transport. Anyway, I got there and the interview was in swedish and very quick. Then I went to get some food and the photoshoot started.

I had a lovely time, did three outfits and like ten locations which was a lot of fun, I absolutely love doing photoshoots! Pics coming soon haha! Then I went to meet Carmi. I got on the tube and then waited for the bus, which was like half a hour late so I was half an hour late to meet Carmi which meant she had like thee beers haha!

After that we came home, dropped my things, went out, got starbucks and subway, fed ourselves and came home, watched Pitch Perfect 2 and went to sleep, in a single bed.

This morning we went to Pound land and filmed two videos which I will now be editing. When we’re done we’re going to go to Hyde Park and just chill until the concert starts, The Strokes tonight 🙂


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