Girls Night In.

C and I have had the best day.

We have had such a chill girls day/night in that it’s freaking amazing. So, when we got back from school she got changed and we took the dog for a little walk, when we got home we basically just dropped the dog off and went to the corner shops to get magazines because we’re doing vision boards on Sunday. Then we started watching Brother Bear, ordered pizza and finished watching brother bear whilst eating our pizza. As soon as we were done she got in the shower and got ready before her mother picked her up to take her to the tutors. Jupp, my 9-year-old who’s bedtime is 8pm had a tutoring session tonight at 8pm. Anyway, as soon as she gets home it’s exercises, teeth and bed time for both of us haha!

Tomorrow it’s going to be a very very long day so we all better get some sleep tonight!

Here’s when Carmi and myself did vision boards and shots!


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