Good To Go.

I’m all packed and ready for my vacation!

Today has been a very chilled day at work, I’ve been bussy with packing and washing and cleaning my room whilst at the same time doing my duties as an aupair.

C and I made vision boards this morning after breakfast, homework and playing “build a bear”. It took us about an hour and a half and I am very happy with the result, I think the “not being drunk” part helped a lot with the final result haha! We played outside, had lunch, read a book, watched some Jessie and had tickle-wars.

I have now said goodnight and goodbye to the little one and Mr. Boss Man and I’m about to get ready to go to sleep. I know what you’re going to say “but Anna, it’s only 9pm” yes, yes it is, but I have to be up by 5am to get ready before my taxi gets here at 6am.

Anyway, talk to you in the very early am!


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