One Direction.

Yesterday was an amazig day.

Woke up and chilled with Hanna for the whole day before heading over to the stadium. There I met up with the two girls that bought the tickets from my friends. We headed in and had an amazing lunch/dinner before the concert started.

The concert started at about 8ish and we enjoyed every single minute of it! I did enjoy the whole VIP experience with the dinner and the great seats and everything but honestly? Now that I’ve done that next time I’ll be down on the floor, front row again haha!

The boys were amazing, they work so good as a four-piece! They were super energetic and all over the place, engaging so much more with the audience than they’ve done before. They were reading signs, dancing around, talking to the audience and yeah… There we’re these two girls who were amazingly lucky! One of them flew all the way from NYC to give Harry a letter and Liam saw his sign and got the letter and gave it to Harry! Imagine being this girl tho… And another one that drew this amazing drawing of Harry, and agsin Liam saw it and gave it to Harry. Then this angel sent from heaven above that is Harry Styles signed it, got a rose and a towel and gave it to a security guard to give it back to this girl…
Lucky girls…

Anyway, I walked back to the flat at 11pm when the concert ended, it’s a good 30min walk but I’m so used to that length walk do it was nothing, haha! I did however not fall asleep until 2.30am because of the excitement haha!





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