So Proud Of Pride.

Today is international Pride Day.

Just let that sink in, the world has an international day to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride… What has this world become? I am amazed of how far we’ve come, how loving and accepting this world has becomed. From slavery and exorcisms to a black President, legal same-sex marriage in the USA and an international pride day. I think I might just cry of happiness! :’)

Anyway, apart from being international pride day today it’s also the second day I get my fat ass up to the stationary bicycle my grandparents have up in the common room of their building and move. I know, I know, it’s not nearly as important but still, it’s something positive haha!

Yesterday I biked for 40min which was 18.63km distance and 422kcal, I was quite happy with this but decided to push myself even more today. So I did 50min which was 23.36km and 529kcal. Super happy to be moving again. I might just see if Mr. Boss Man has a bicycle I can borrow when I get back and go out for bike rides since I can’t run without damaging my knees..

Anyhow, it’s time for me to go to sleep, we’re heading out to the island tomorrow!


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