I’m not MIA don’t panic!

Sorry for the noticeable absence peeps.. As you know I was in Sweden last time I wrote on this little blog of mine but now I’m very much back in England.

So, yesterday it was Monday and after a great morning at my grandparents house I got on a train to Stockholm airport and then on a flight to London Heathrow where a car was waiting to pick me up. The journey was about six or seven Gossip Girl episodes long plus a bunch of waiting around whilst in Stockholm.

When I got home I literally said four words to Mr. Boss Man, unpacked and went to bed.

This morning it was time to go back to work! At 7.45am I got C and we did the morning run. I have to say the weather here has been on point since I landed and hopefully it keeps it up! So, after the morning run Mr. Boss Man and myself went by the other house and checked some things out before coming back home. I then looked for a job for a few hours before we went food shopping. We got all the necessary things and all the things that every person should have in their kitchen like milk, yogurt, fruit, veggies, eggs.. You know, the usual haha!

At 3pm it was time to get C again and so we did. When we got home C and myself went for a walk with the dog, but just a short one since 29ºC and no clouds doesn’t really scream “come outside and enjoy a nice day” it’s more of a “come outside and let me dehydrate, burn and heatwave you to death!” But I’m not complaining, I love the heat, it reminds me of Spain and the summers there 🙂

Now it’s bedtime for me, tomorrow I’m viewing a room and then meeting up with Rodri who’s flying in from Spain! 😀


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