Even More Tired.

Day 6 of 21.

It was day two at the gym today. Yesterdays exercise was creeping up on me and has caused me to be very sore in pretty much my whole body so it didn’t help when I did a 45min Body Pump class, a 45min Spinning class and then went for a swim.. But I feel super great! I went with S which is great, this way we sign up for classes together and since we live together there’s no excuses, we have to go! We sat in the sauna for a bit after as well, just to let our muscles relax a bit haha! I’m going to feel this so bad tomorrow…

So, what did I learn today at the gym? That all of my muscles are shit and that my resistance is shit. I knew I was out of shape but for fucks sake, there’s nothing left! My muscles were burning during Body Pump and I don’t think I’ve ever sweated as much as I did during Spinning, that’s why it felt so great to swim for a bit.

Something weird happened today tho… At about 3pm I stopped seeing from like the outer side of my left eye, so if I held my hand up on the left side of my face I couldn’t see it… So I decided to sleep for a bit see if it went away, which it did. But when I woke up the left side of my face was completely numb, like I’d had been at the dentists and gotten anesthesia… I had a bite to eat and it woke up so no worries, I feel fine now, but it did worry me for a bit there..

Anyway, I’m going to sleep now… Talk to you in the am!


I Am So Tired.

Day 5 of 21.

Gym day, first day back at the gym and I am so super tired… Met up with Carmi this morning and we went looking for dresses for a ball we’re going to but didn’t find anything we liked.. Then I had to get on a 40min bus, get home, change super quickly, get to the bus again and get to the gym.

I started my trial day with “Suspension Training” which absolutely killed my arms, completely dead… Then I did half an hour bike before my hour Zumba. Yeah, I’m extremely exhausted.

When we got home I got in the shower and I’ve had some Chicken & Sweetcorn soup, some kale and watermelon with my jummy tea. Now I’m going to check emails and go to sleep, because I’m super tired.

Have I mentioned how tired I am?


Day 4 of 21.

Yesterday was finally my exploring day. I went out and walked for about 5h both around Chiswick high street and down by the river. Found a bunch of small shops, boutiques and a gym. I’m quite happy with where I live right now haha! At 7ish I went to Hanna’s house, we Skyped with a friend of hers, watched about half a film and then went to bed, we were both super sleepy!

This morning we woke up to the sound of rain, so much rain. Anyway, we got ready and headed to IKEA in this disgustingly wet weather… We finally got there and headed straight for the restaurant bit and had meatballs and mash. JUM! Then we took our sweet time walking around and just enjoying and having fun haha! We got the clothes rack that I needed and I got a cover for my bed so the cat hair doesn’t get on my sheets.

I’m now home, have been for about two hours, I’m having my tea and I’m just very very sleepy haha!

New House, New Life.

Day 2 of 21.

They say that if you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit, therefore I’m going 21 days without sweets, chocolate, chips, fast food… Yesterday when I went food shopping I bought enough food to last me 21 days, I’ll have to re-fill the veggies and fruit at some point but other than that I don’t think I’ll have to buy a lot of things which is good for two reasons, I won’t be spending un-necessary money and I won’t be tempted to buy/eat anything unhealthy because I have perfectly healthy food at home.

Today has been a very rainy day, and I mean really really rainy day… I was planning on going out and exploring and getting to know the area and what not, but I couldn’t do this since it was raining so so so much! When S got home she said that some parts of London are now flooded, so upsy!

I’m now going to watch a bit of Pitch Perfect 2 before heading to bed, night night! x

First Morning.

I’m waking up in my new room.

Yesterday was a sad day… C was clearly not happy about the fact that I was moving out and the truth is that it was affecting me more than I expected it to. We spent the day watching In To The Woods and riding her bike. She’s gotten really good at it! At about 5.15pm it was time for us all to get in the car and start the journey down. Traffic was horrible and we were all tired.. Finally we made it down tho! We unloaded the car in about three goes and then C played with Lexus (the vain cat) whilst Mr. Boss Man and myself had a cup of tea with S (my landlady/roommate). When it was time for them to leave I gave C a super cuddle, pinkie promised that we will stay in touch, gave Mr. Boss Man a hug and they were off.

Honestly, I owe them so much.. They quite literally rescued me from that other horrible place I was in and then from ending up in the streets. I can not thank them enough for taking me in, letting me live with them and become part of their family. I will forever be grateful and hopefully we will stay in touch forever!

When they left S and I had a long chat to get to know each other a bit better now that we’re going to be living together and then it was time for me to unpack and move in! The room is quite small compared to the room at Mr. Boss Mans house but I like it, it’s quite cozy 🙂 Lexus is the name of the adorably adorable cat that S has and that has already made an appearance on my Instagram (annanilsson14).

I feel like I’m going to enjoy living here the coming two months 🙂

Two Days.

That’s how long I have left here..

After six wonderful months with Mr. Boss Man and C, I’m moving in two days. It’s both sad and exciting.. It’s sad because I’ve come to care about these two as if they were my own family, I’ve gotten used to living with them and just being around them 24/7, so I’m going to miss that. On the other hand it’s exciting because I finally get to move in to the city, the city I’ve been wanting to live in for oh so many years..

This weekend they went away so I packed and packed. Today we did the usual morning run and then spent the afternoon walking the dog, teaching C how to ride a bike and just doing girly stuff whilst Mr. Boss Man worked. Tomorrow is my last full and “proper” day here so I’m trying to think of something fun to do with the little munchkin, something that will make this easier on her as she’s been taking it quite hard…

I don’t know.. I was planning to go to bed early today but now my mind is just going around and around..