My Feet Hurt.

Another waisted day.

Today I had to go back in to London for a second interview for a job I had my first interview for on Monday. So I got up a bloody 6.30am, payed £17.50 for a return train ticket and arrived at 8.45 where I was supposed to go. From here they got me on a tube and then a bus to go to Brent Cross, which is basically a shopping center that I could have taken a bus from my house to. Thanks. At about 12.30 I decided that the job I was interviewing for was not what I want to do so I kindly explained it to the lady and made my way in to Oxford Circus where I met Carms.

We went for lunch, then we went and got marshmallows and Gram-crackers for the ‘smores we’re making on Tuesday for C’s birthday and then went to Build A Bear in Hamleys. I talked to the manager and they got me in for an interview straight away! I think it went quite well to be quite honest, they said that if they call me in the coming two days then it’s a yes and we’ll talk about an asessment day. I would honestly love to work at Build A Bear, so much fun!!

Anyway, Carms had to go to work and I wanted to avoid the underground strike that’s starting right now so I made my way home.

Now that I’m home I can literally not think of anything better than spending the rest of my day reading through Sugarscape to inform myself about what’s going on in the world and then just binge-watch Gossip Girl.

Hope everyone has a lovely Wednesday!


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