The End Of The Tunnel.

I see it.

Thirteen, thirteen days left in this wonderful house. I’m going to miss it but at the same time I’m quite looking forward to being on my own again and living my life.

Today has been sort of a lazy day but I’ve gotten things done. You guys have to understand when I say lazy days it rarely means I’ve spent all day in bed doing s*t all just sleeping or watching tv-shows, I usually get a bunch of other things that I needed to do done. I research a lot of things and get my OCD to calm down for a bit because I get more control of my life. It’s hard to explain but it gives me a sens of control and of knowing what’s up and what’s coming.

Anyway, today I’ve got this guilty feeling as well. This feeling that I get when I haven’t properly exercised in a while, which I haven’t since I stopped running.. Yes I did bike when I went to Sweden, but that was three days, three days that felt amazingly awesome, but only three days. So one of the things that I’m very much looking forward to when I move is that there’s a gym literally 10min walk from my flat so I’m going to check it out and check out the prizes for it so I maybe can start going there. I’d love that! I used to go to the gym five times a week, five times people! And that stopped the moment I graduated, went back to Spain for the summer and then moved here… I feel fat again.

But yeah, following that very statement I have to go downstairs and make myself some food or I will faint because my blood sugar sucks and is super low.


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