Happy Birthday Squishy!

Yesterday it was C’s 10th birthday.

It was a good day to be her to be quite honest. Woke up and had breakfast and off to school with a little surprise for her and her friends in her pack-lunch (I put in three pieces of brownie). After school she opened my presents for her before her and Mr. Boss Man headed off to buy her a bike! Whilst they were doing that I took the dog for a walk and catched up with Carmi whist she was on her break.

When they got back we opened the rest of the presents, she talked to her Nanny and Grandad and then I started making the birthday fajitas. She enjoyed them very very much. After dinner we started a fire out in the garden and made s’mores, she wasn’t a big fan but I was like a little kid on Christmas morning, super happy! After two I was done tho haha!

I felt super ill after that so I went to bed pretty much as soon as I put C to bed and did the dishes..

Woke up this morning and I have honestly slept like a baby, I feel like I really needed an early night to just rest up completely. C is off to school, I got my One Direction Prizeo rewards today and I have watched Pretty Little Liars. What am I going to do now? No idea haha, but the day is still young!


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