Leave This Dress A Mess On The Floor.

It’s packing day one.

C was here yesterday which meant morning school run this morning. When we got back I went back to bed just to cuddle my teddy and book my flight tickets for America. It’s now decided, payed for and everything, no turning back! My mother and myself are going to have an amazing time visiting my grandparents!

When I finally got out of bed I started packing, and I’m pretty much done with what I can do haha! I have a few minor details to still pack away but other than that I’m good to go! Now I’ve had a shower and watched Jurassic Park 2 whilst cuddeling in my very comfy new dress. I’ve ordered food so it should be here soon as well!

C and Mr. Boss Man have gone up to Mr. Boss Mans’ parent’s and are going to be there over the weekend which gives me the perfect amount of time to pack everything so I’m ready to go. The big move is happening on Wednesday afternoon/evening and Mr. Boss Man and C are so super kind and are driving me down and helping me with the move 🙂

Now I’m going to wait for my food and watch “Far From The Madding Crowd” which I just saw the trailer of and it looks amazing! I’ll report back with a full opinion after I’ve watched it 🙂

Have a lovely Friday evening everyone!


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