First Morning.

I’m waking up in my new room.

Yesterday was a sad day… C was clearly not happy about the fact that I was moving out and the truth is that it was affecting me more than I expected it to. We spent the day watching In To The Woods and riding her bike. She’s gotten really good at it! At about 5.15pm it was time for us all to get in the car and start the journey down. Traffic was horrible and we were all tired.. Finally we made it down tho! We unloaded the car in about three goes and then C played with Lexus (the vain cat) whilst Mr. Boss Man and myself had a cup of tea with S (my landlady/roommate). When it was time for them to leave I gave C a super cuddle, pinkie promised that we will stay in touch, gave Mr. Boss Man a hug and they were off.

Honestly, I owe them so much.. They quite literally rescued me from that other horrible place I was in and then from ending up in the streets. I can not thank them enough for taking me in, letting me live with them and become part of their family. I will forever be grateful and hopefully we will stay in touch forever!

When they left S and I had a long chat to get to know each other a bit better now that we’re going to be living together and then it was time for me to unpack and move in! The room is quite small compared to the room at Mr. Boss Mans house but I like it, it’s quite cozy 🙂 Lexus is the name of the adorably adorable cat that S has and that has already made an appearance on my Instagram (annanilsson14).

I feel like I’m going to enjoy living here the coming two months 🙂


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