Day 4 of 21.

Yesterday was finally my exploring day. I went out and walked for about 5h both around Chiswick high street and down by the river. Found a bunch of small shops, boutiques and a gym. I’m quite happy with where I live right now haha! At 7ish I went to Hanna’s house, we Skyped with a friend of hers, watched about half a film and then went to bed, we were both super sleepy!

This morning we woke up to the sound of rain, so much rain. Anyway, we got ready and headed to IKEA in this disgustingly wet weather… We finally got there and headed straight for the restaurant bit and had meatballs and mash. JUM! Then we took our sweet time walking around and just enjoying and having fun haha! We got the clothes rack that I needed and I got a cover for my bed so the cat hair doesn’t get on my sheets.

I’m now home, have been for about two hours, I’m having my tea and I’m just very very sleepy haha!


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