G-A-Y Late Night.

Day 12 of 21.

Oh I’ve been so bad… I’ve been cheating with my food, at home I’ve been eating healthy and stuff but being out with both Hanna and Carmi I’ve been cheating… Anyway, I’m trying my best and that’s all I can ask of myself isn’t it?

Yesterday Carmi and I went out to G-A-Y Late club and we had a blast! I freaking love gay people hahaha! It was great, not too crowded, not to empty, they played great music and Carms and I danced our feet, asses and souls off! Just what we both needed 🙂

Today it’s been a lazy day but it’s gym time in 2h. Suspension training at 6pm and zumba at 7.30, back at it!

It’s taken me forever to write this post because I’m so super distracted and sleepy, so.. Have a lovely day babes! ❤


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