Pizza Aftermath.

I feel sick.

Since yesterday morning I haven’t been feeling great, I actually had to leave my Zumba class in the middle because I was feeling so sick and I just couldn’t take it, I had to come home and go to sleep… My symptoms were: my mouth tasted like blood and I felt like I was going to throw up, my head hurt like hell.. Like someone was pushing from the top of my head and my forehead and was at the same time hitting me with a hammer on the head, plus my tummy hurt and I had chills and what not.. So yeah, not feeling very good… But when I got home I took a shower, had a bit of tea with some Advil and then a three hour nap. After that I felt so much better! I even went to the movies with Carmi and had a load of popcorn!

This morning when I woke up I was feeling the headache again so I took some Advil and I’ve spent the whole day in bed. Literally the whole day. I am bored out of my mind! We did however decide to have pizza tonight because S thinks I could be feeling a bit under because “I haven’t been eating properly” just because I’ve been trying my very best to avoid carbs.. So yeah, we had pizza. I shared my pizza with S son who’s staying with us at the moment, so I basically had half of a large pepperoni pizza and some garlic bread from domino’s. I’ve now been laying in bed for about two hours feeling like, what I imagine is the feeling of someone is stabbing me repeatedly in the tummy. It hurts.

So I’ve now made the decision to go to sleep. Hopefully all of this is gone by tomorrow morning when I’m going to go get my nails done and then shopping for final ball-details with Carmi..

Night lovelies ❤


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