Music Mondays


I’ll Tell You All About It.

What’s up?

I know I haven’t been blogging much in this past month or so and honestly I don’t have an excuse, I just haven’t felt like it and I don’t think I should be blogging just because “I have to”, blogging is my hobby and my way of venting when something happens, good or bad.

So, what’s happened now? I’ve been to a concert. Yes, another concert. This one was for free though! I won tickets to the apple music festival to see Take That who, no offence, I had no interest in seeing at all! But Hanna was supposed to be going back to Sweden tomorrow so we thought we’d go as our last hurrah before she leaves for six months. When we got there we saw that Charlie Puth was their opening act and at first I had absolutely no idea who this person is. Then he came out on stage and it immediately clicked in my head, he’s the one that sings in “See You Again” the finishing song of Fast And Furious 7. And after that concert I officially declare myself a fan. The amount of talent this person has, the voice, the lyrics. Amazing. Obviously he sang “See You Again” and during one part he didn’t sing, he just let the crowd take over and I got chills. Music does something to people, it brings us together, makes us forget our differences and accept each other. Music is probably the closest thing we have to magic and today that was proven to me once more.

What’s been happening before that? Well, since I moved in to my new place I’ve done nothing really haha! Hanna has been here a lot, we’ve been trying to get as much time together as possible seeing as I’m going to miss her like crazy when she goes back… So she slept over here two days but unfortunately those two days were in the three days where I had gotten a job, an actual office job haha! So I did that for three days and now I’m back to doing nothing and sleeping away half of my days. It’s driving me insane!

Therefore I’ve decided that tomorrow, or today I guess, I’m going to go down to the fitness thingy on the other side of the street and I’m going to talk to them and find out prices and what not and try and go to as many classes as my body can handle before I start school. I want to get in to the exercising routine again before I have to get in to the school routine again as well. Trying to do both at the same time is just a very clear recipe to fail.

I still absolutely love my new place and I love just lying in bed under my super soft blanket with my fairy lights on and candles lit just thinking about life. I think I’ve probably done that about ten times since I moved in a week ago haha!

Uni officially starts on the 5th but I have my enrolment day on the 30th and then an event and a boat party on the 2nd. It’s time to meet new people and make some friends, this loner life has to end.

I’m now going to go to sleep so I have the energy to do something tomorrow.. Night night!

New Home. Again.

Fourth place in a year.

So here I am, sat in my new home, newly showered with my fairy lights on, a candle lit and listening to Troye Sivans new album Wild. Can it get any more cozy? I’m so in love with my new home, and the fact that it’s going to be my home for a whole year just makes it even better!

This morning started early with me finishing to pack the last bits like food and the last things in my room. Then at 12 I started carrying four years of my life down the stairs and at 12.30 in to a taxi that took me away from my old home and to my new one. I got some help from the people from the accommodation with moving my things in, thank the Gods for that! When I got everything I literally had time to turn around and go downstairs where Carmi was waiting for me to go to IKEA. We made it there and met up with Hanna, had some meatballs and started our mission to get everything I need for my new home which is basically everything. Plates, cutlery, glasses, bedding, pillows… Everything. We got an uber back home to me and the unpacking started. Thank you to Carmi and Hanna for being such good friends and helping me move in and understanding my stress, I love you guys so much!

Carmi left at about 5/6pm and I continued unpacking with Hannas company and was done at about 8pm. Then we wanted to go to Costa but when we got down they were closing so we went to Tescos and got some food and came back to mine where we ate and watched the start of The Hobbit. Hanna has just left and I got straight in to the shower.

Tomorrow I’m going to meet with a friend who has tickets for One Direction in Sheffield, their last concert before their break, so we’re going to talk and plan and have lunch. Then I’m off to meet Hanna again and go to Primark and get the last bits, like blankets and cushions and things, then I’m done shopping for a long while. I’m a student now, I have to live the poor student life!

I absolutely love my new place and I will most definitely make a room tour video so look forward to that haha! Other than that I think I will watch some Reign before sleeping, so super exhausted!

Missed Me?

I’m obsessed with Wild. Obsessed I tell you!

Oh, hi! Hello, how are you? Do you remember me? The person who used to blog every day? Yes, that’s me, still here, still alive haha! I’ve been very bussy and just extremely lazy since I got back from America, hence the no blogging, but I believe it’s time to write some wrongs (see what I did there?)

So, what’s been going on in my life you ask? Well America was super fun, as you can probably tell from that extremely long blog post about it and all of my vlogs ( shame on you if you’re not a subscriber). Then I battled jetlag and spent some much needed time with Hanna, she’s moving back to Sweden shortly you see, so I’m trying to squeeze in as much Hanna-time as I can before a whole winter without her 😦 Her friend from back home was here as well that first week so I spent a lot of time with them both doing a lot of fun things. We did go to the Notting Hill Carnival but that was no succes, I’ll try it out next year as well, see if that works out better haha!

During this no-blogging time I’ve also had the chance to meet up with my old host family, yes Mr. Boss Man and C! We went out for lunch and spent a wonderful day in South Bank. It’s always super nice seeing them, I do actually miss them sometimes! They’d been to Dubai so C was super excited telling me all about her fun adventures over there, looks like she enjoyed herself. Then again, what kid in Dubai doesn’t enjoy themselves? Haha!

On September 1st my very very close friend Adela came to visit me and she’s been staying with me until this morning. I’d say we’ve probably done it all honestly haha! The first day was a very touristy day, tourist bus, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Tower Of London… Everything! The next day we went to Fulham where we got matching tattoos *cringe* and had dinner at Carmi’s pub so them two met. Friday we went shopping in Oxford Street, a must! Saturday we had a cheeky little photoshoot. As you know I love modelling and I know Adela has done some shoots back in Spain with a photographer friend of ours so I got her this little present where we went and did our very first shoot together and we got some lovely images, if I might say so myself! Sunday we went to GAY Late, I had to show her the amazingness of a gay bar! I actually quite enjoy a gay bar more than a “normal” one for the simple reason that no one judges anyone because everyone is “different”. We had a blast even though it took us forever to get home, haha! Monday we took some bikes and rode through Hyde Park and Green park stopping for a cheeky ice-cream by the pond. Also, we went to see the palace and the horse guard, because again, tourist musts. Tuesday I was supposed to babysit but that got cancelled so we spent the day at home and then took a walk through London at night. Honestly if you do one thing whilst in London do that, take a walk through it at night, it’s so beautiful. We went from Oxford Circus down Regent Street to Piccadilly, from there we went on to Trafalgar Square, down to embankment and walked to Waterloo Bridge before crossing over to South Bank and walking to Big Ben and on to the Palace again. From there we took a bus home haha! It’s quite a long walk but you get so captivated by everything that before we knew it we were out and had been walking for about 3h. Wednesday, what did we do on Wednesday? Oh yes, we went to Camden, because she can’t leave London without having been to Camden! We got gorgeous Henna Tattoos and came back home. Yesterday was a day of packing, she packed her suitcase and I packed most of my things. Then we went to Carmi’s pub again, had dinner and played a game they have there on Thursdays. We lost. When we admitted defeat we made our way to the airport and “slept” there. At 5.30am she walked through security and I headed back home.

When I got home at 8am I fell straight asleep waking up at 2.30pm. Sleep was much needed.

I have now showered, watched some Reign and I am now thinking about food. Maybe eating something at some point, like right now..

So there’s an update on my life. Also today is my one year anniversary in England, so YAY ME!

I now need to eat some food before I eat my laptop. LOVES YA! ❤