New Home. Again.

Fourth place in a year.

So here I am, sat in my new home, newly showered with my fairy lights on, a candle lit and listening to Troye Sivans new album Wild. Can it get any more cozy? I’m so in love with my new home, and the fact that it’s going to be my home for a whole year just makes it even better!

This morning started early with me finishing to pack the last bits like food and the last things in my room. Then at 12 I started carrying four years of my life down the stairs and at 12.30 in to a taxi that took me away from my old home and to my new one. I got some help from the people from the accommodation with moving my things in, thank the Gods for that! When I got everything I literally had time to turn around and go downstairs where Carmi was waiting for me to go to IKEA. We made it there and met up with Hanna, had some meatballs and started our mission to get everything I need for my new home which is basically everything. Plates, cutlery, glasses, bedding, pillows… Everything. We got an uber back home to me and the unpacking started. Thank you to Carmi and Hanna for being such good friends and helping me move in and understanding my stress, I love you guys so much!

Carmi left at about 5/6pm and I continued unpacking with Hannas company and was done at about 8pm. Then we wanted to go to Costa but when we got down they were closing so we went to Tescos and got some food and came back to mine where we ate and watched the start of The Hobbit. Hanna has just left and I got straight in to the shower.

Tomorrow I’m going to meet with a friend who has tickets for One Direction in Sheffield, their last concert before their break, so we’re going to talk and plan and have lunch. Then I’m off to meet Hanna again and go to Primark and get the last bits, like blankets and cushions and things, then I’m done shopping for a long while. I’m a student now, I have to live the poor student life!

I absolutely love my new place and I will most definitely make a room tour video so look forward to that haha! Other than that I think I will watch some Reign before sleeping, so super exhausted!


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