Uni Student.

So much has happened!!

Firstly it was my 20th birthday yesterday, so thank you if you’re thinking “happy birthday” like you very well should be. Also yestreday was my very first official day of univeristy, yeah!

I could give you a list of reasons as to why I haven’t been blogging but I feel like we always do this. I post something, my father starts complaining because I don’t post in x weeks and then I write something and appologize and make up excuses as to why this gap has happened. This will be the last time I adress this, I’m lazy and bussy.

September 20th was my last written post so here’s what’s been happening since then.

I’ve babysat a few times, always the same kids, two swedish children, a girl and a boy. I absolutely adore these two rascals, they’re so cute and sweet, well behaved and fun!

On the 24th it was mine and Carmi’s first anniversary, or “friendaversary” as some people call it, basically we’ve known eachother for a year. So a few months ago she told me she was taking me out on our anniversary and my request was that we had to get dressed up and wear heels and everything. So she took me to a very posh restaurant where we ate with real silver and they carried your plate from the buffe to your table. Then she took me to see a musical, which is something that I requested as well. We saw “Wicked” which I was so incredible impressed with. Honestly, being a musical person specially interested in vocals, I  have no words to describe her voice… Like, I stood up and whisteled and clapped my hands off at the end! And I have to admit, I shed a tear or two haha!

That next Monday, so the 28th, it was One Direction time again, haha! Yes, call me obsessed if you’d like, I don’t care, I’m owning the fact that I like them haha! I went with two swedish girls. Basically I bought two tickets and wrote on a swedish fb group that I had one I wanted to sell and so three girls texted me, the first one got the tickets but we still met up with another one that had texted me and managed to get tickets for the same concert. So yeah, we had dinner and then watched the boys. I’ve honestly never had that much fun at a concert. Before I went I decided that I was going to do a minimum of filming and photo taking and just dance, sing and actually be there and enjoy the concert, which I did. I can say that from my absolute first 1D concert I have 335 photos and videos and from this one I have 179 photos and videos. The bad thing about the concert though is that I completely lost my voice…

And that Wednesday I had my uni enrolement, so I was talking to people and sounding like I’d smoked like a whole pack of cigarettes… So embarrassing.. I made it through tho haha! Friday was another pre-uni day. We had like an introduction event where the headmaster and the whole BIMM’s headmaster and more important people came and talked to us and welcomed us and what not. There I met India whom I attended the boatparty with that evening where I met a lot of other people. Afterparty after the boatparty was a succes as well, it was very chilled which I liked because that actually gave us the chance to talk to people, which is where I got to know Natalie who’s in my class.

Saturday and Sunday I’ve been doing trainging at Subway to start working there. I know it’s not the most glamourous job but I’m proud I could get any type of job whilst studying, and I’m earning honest money to put myself through uni, so go me!

And that brings us back to yesterday, first day of uni where I had three lessons of 1.30h each. I had FOB (fundimentals of business), AM (artist management) and PMS (popular music studies). After that Natalie, myself, two italians from my class called Matt and Carolina and Carolinas roomates Andy and Hugh went for pizza to celebrate my birthday a bit. I did come home early thought because this morning I had to be at Subway at 7am… I did a 7h shift and tomorrow I get to do my very first actually payed shift! YAS! I had one lesson today as well, I had PADM (phisical and digital marketing) and then went to Spoons with some classmates and India.

Now I’m sat at home with a horrible headache and a cup of tea. I’ve talked to my sister for like five seconds, I want to finish writing this and then I’m headed to bed. I need sleep. I think it’s the lack of sleep that’s giving me this headache, so Advil and sleep.

Tomorrow I need to do washing and shower before I head to work at 3pm.

So there you go dad, there’s my long blog post, hope you enjoyed that haha!

I’m now going to sleep, good night people!


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