I’m firstly going to kindly ask my parents to ignore this post.

Then I’m going to paint a very frustrating picture for you and hopefully the few of you guys who read my blog can help me out with this situation..

Ok, so say there’s this person you like (in my case a guy) and you can tell that from a crowd you’re their ‘favourite’, for lack of a better word. You’re the one they keep making eye-contact with and the one they seek out in a crowd. Then this other person (in my case another girl) who perfectly fits the ‘popular girl’ stereotype, meaning she’s the one with the super skinny legs, long smooth hair, cheery and loud personality that everyone loves to love. This girl just swoops in and tries her very hardest to steal that spotlight that has been appointed to you as the favourite, and she succeeds, for a small amount of time, she succeeds.

Now, I don’t want to make it too obvious that I am interested in this person because I’m not that kind of girl, but it pisses me off how this stereotypical popular girl just manages to swoop in after being gone for like a week an a half and just steal the freaking spotlight, just because she’s the ‘popular girl’.

She’s super lazy and just doesn’t give a shit about stuff because everything has always been handed to her on a freaking silver platter, just because of who she is, ‘the popular girl’ and it annoys the shit out of me that this is an actual thing, specially for someone like me who works their asses off every day to get to where I want to be! And even more annoying is that she’s going to be the one to get noticed and do well because she’s so likable, whilst me, the one that’s been working day in and day out every day for my whole freaking 20 years of life, will not get noticed as much. My mother used to tell me that people noticed me too much back when I was like 14, now nobody notices me, in any situation, and it pisses me off that people like her get everything and I get jack all even though I work hard every fucking day.

That’s it, my question for you is, what would you do in my situation? How would you deal with little miss popular?

I know my parents probably didn’t ignore this blogpost so just don’t ask haha!


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