Christmas Day.


It’s Christmas Day everyone! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I’m now at home, been at home for two days, ish.. Getting here was a complete struggle tbh but I got here only having slept for 2.30h on the flight haha! Ate at my second family’s home, came to my actual house and started going through all of the things I own. Let me explain. I’ve moved quite a lot since moving out of home almost five years ago, but I’ve always had my parents home as “home base” so every time I’ve had something that I didn’t want to keep wherever I was living at that point in time but didn’t want to throw away either I’d pack it up in a box and send it on its way. Hence the eight boxes of stuff I had back here waiting for me… It took me about three hours to go through said eight boxes plus all the shit I had in my suitcase that I was going to leave here. At the end of it all I ended up with three boxes and about half a suitcase… I threw away LOADS of shit haha!

Yesterday was another good day here in Spain. I met up with my amazing friend Adela and we went for a drink with some other friends in the morning before lunch, then we came home to mine and ate with my sister and mum. After a much needed siesta all four of us got in to the car, I dropped mum and sis at work and Adela at home and I went to a shopping centre to kill some time before having to pick mum and sis up from work again. I ended up waiting in the car for an hour because they closed the shop an hour later that what they were supposed to do, but I guess if business is good it doesn’t matter that I had to wait for a bit.. What I did do yesterday was drive for the first time in a year! Glad to report that no one was killed, the car is still in perfect-ish condition and I didn’t get a ticket! 🙂

Today it’s Christmas Day! As such I got attacked in bed by my sister, then my dad and in the end I gave in and we called over mum and we had a lovely family cuddle! Then breakfast and TV with the fam, Christmas lunch with the fam and then present opening whilst skyping with grandma and grandpa (they had to be here in some way, can’t have a family Christmas if half of the family is missing now can we?) After present opening we watched a film and then dad went to bed. Us girls have watched “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” and I’m now off to bed.
I think this is the first day in… literally ever that the whole Nilsson-Pettersson clan has done everything together! CUDDLES ALL AROUND!

Tomorrow should be another interesting day back home since I’m going out partying in town with my old class haha! I’ll report back!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate it) full with loved ones and happy memories 🙂

Loads of love from little old me 🙂


Five Days.

I’m going home in five days. I haven’t been home in a year so I’m both super excited and terrified.

How much will things have changed this time around? How much have I changed? Will it be the same heartbreak as usual? How much drama will two weeks bring in to my life? How much will I be let down?

I can honestly say that there’s about ten people I want to see, appart from my family, and half of them will let me down. It might seem depressing or like I’m not giving people a chance, but I know how this goes, I’ve seen how it unfolds the same way over and over again every time I’ve gone back home for the past four years.

I’d like to think I’m ready for the heartache that I’m getting myself in to but I know that me being the sentimental being that I am I’ll be very happy to get on the flight back to London on the 6th. Just writing this I’m already getting that sad feeling that I get over and over again whilst being at home..

Let’s hope I’m wrong, let’s hope this Christmas season at home will only bring happiness and love. I don’t want heartache, I don’t want to be let down, I just want to see my friends and family and have a great time at home.


Life experience story time!

So, in early October this year I started working at Subway in North Acton which I was quite happy about, it was close to home, a job and most importantly, money. So I cracked on with work and uni being completely exhausted all the time. Until one day (Wednesday the 21st of said month) I left work after my shift with a promise from my boss that he’d text me when my next shift was the day after as we didn’t get monthly or even weekly rota.

The rest of the week went by and I didn’t complain, I was quite happy with the time off, but by Sunday night I was getting paranoid and annoyed at the fact that my boss had still not texted me. I started texting him and my supervisor the coming days asking for my rota for the next week but with no answer at all. When a week had passed I marched over to work and confronted my boss, told him that it was unacceptable and that I wanted my rota, leaving yet again with a promise of a text. This is when I started looking for a new job because I knew he was just taking the piss.

Come November 5th I got an interview and another job which meant that I could quit at Subway, which I did the day after and I wanted to get payed for the time I’d done. That day I got £200 cash in the back of a car parked infront of the shop, yeah, dodgy. Called up my boss and asked why I was only getting half of it, I got the explanation of “you’ll get the rest in the next payroll in the end of the month” which, fair enough, I could live with that. Come the end of November and the money is nowhere to be seen.

I think I’ve texted my ex-boss about five times telling him to pay me, I’ve called head office to tell them what was going on, texted and called and texted and called. Yesterday I got absolutely sick of it, it’d gone yet another half-month and the money was still nowhere to be seen. I texted saying that I was done, that I was picking up the money cash today and for him to have it ready.

Today, a month and ten days after I stopped working there, I finally got the money the owed me. Granted, it was £6.73 short but I could not be asked with this shit anymore.

So, what have I learned? Do not work with someone who’s just starting a business and is way in over their head. Do not work with someone who says “we don’t do contracts” when you keep asking for one. Do not work with dickheads who are just taking the piss.

Music Mondays.

There is no singer on the face of this earth that I admire more than Kelly Clarkson.
For as long as I can remember I have listened to her music on repeat, granted, I’ve had her quite neglected these last years because she disappeared from the face of the earth but she’s been back for a year now and every day she inspires me more, both as a musician, a feminist and a woman.

Todays Music Monday goes out to her. This is her song “Invincible” which I am completely obsessed with at the moment. If you haven’t you have to listen to it and to every other song she’s ever done.

You’re welcome.

Moment of weakness.

Have you ever had a moment of real weakness when you let something that you know isn’t true get to you and really upset you? I had one of those yesterday.

It was the middle of my shift and someone that I work with came up to me and said something that, looking back at now, I know isn’t true but I still let it get to me in that moment. Seeing as I was working with this person I couldn’t let it show too much through the other half of my shift but someone who knows me could definitely tell that something was up with me. When my shift was done I talked about it with a friend and I broke down. In the middle of work, I broke down. Luckily I don’t think anyone but my friend saw me.

The thing I hate the most is that I let this stupid thing said by this shit-stering-person get to me, why? I was so angry with myself the rest of the night, until like 11/11.30pm..

Anyway, I just needed to share this.. Has it ever happened to you?

Love ya! xx