Music Mondays.

This one just hit right home atm.


Ten Days Later.

fundraiser flyer NO NUMBER

It’s been ten days since I wrote for the last time, or nine since it’s just gone midnight on the 18th.

The 18th… That means that there’s exactly a month until the first ever event I’ve organised and I’m running and hosting and yet there’s so much I still need to do.. Don’t panik. Remember not to panik.

I woke up this morning feeling like someone had dropped one of them big pianos on my head, it hurt a lot. So I went back to sleep and woke up at 1pm, did some promo for the gig and went back to sleep until 4pm. Since waking up I have watched about nine episodes of One Tree Hill, eaten a whole package of dark chocolate Digestives, had 2L of water and a bunch of fruit. I’m now wide awake and the thoughts have started running through my head deciding that I’m not sleeping anytime soon, which is great.

I’ll just tell you about the charity gig I’m hosting and that way I have something to concentrate this wild mind of mine on.

It’s gonna be three BIMM London students playing and all the money is going to a charity called Believe in Magic (

Why I’ve chosen this charity is because it’s run only by two people Meg and Jean. Meg is 20, has a brain tumor, goes to uni and runs the charity with her mothers help. They do amazing work for extremely ill kids wether that be taking them on a trip, giving them a new toy or helping them meet a celebrity. They recently had a fundraiser cinderella ball where the kids got to dress up as princes and princesses and have delicious food, facepainting and dance the night away at the National History Museum, I can vouch that everyone had an amazing time!

Tickets are £7 or £5 with proof of at least £1 donation to
If you want tickets just email me on the email on the flier and I’ll sort you out with tickets.

So if you’re around London on that date or you have time to come down please come along to the gig, enjoy the music, have fun with friends, have a few drinks and all of this whilst helping a great cause!

Now I’m going to go watch some more One Tree Hill, write a bit and hopefully shut these thoughts up.

Goodnight everyone, x


I’m back home, back in London and I couldn’t be happier to be here!
Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed being in Spain and seeing old friends and my family but, as per usual, I stayed too long.

I got back on the 6th and had a chilled day in where I unpacked and did some food shopping before getting in to bed really early. Yesterday I had to go by some things I needed like underwear and what not, I saw Carmi and cuddled her for a bit and then went to work. I enjoyed work yesterday, it was a short shift, I got put on my favourite bar and there were no rude customers! After work we headed over to the pub and I had a very deep conversation with one of the guys from work about Christmas and how we’re ment to look at thing from a skeptic perspective, quite interesting.

Today I’ve called the TV licensing people to tell them to leave me alone, that I don’t use my tv so they can just shush. I’ve called the people from the gym I used to go to in August to tell them to give me back the money they’ve been charging me and to stop doing it, I haven’t been a member since September. And I’ve payed my last Three bill which I honestly have just been putting off, so that one was on me haha! I’ve also edited todays video and that’s uploading as I write this, it’s an unusual one so keep an eye out for that! I’m now emailing with an artist manager about some school work and I’m going to study for my Events Management assessment that I have do in ten weeks.. It’s good to be back!

I’m now going to do that so have a lovely day and a wonderful weekend and I’ll talk to you whenever! xx


Hay have you noticed something? It’s 2016 now, it’s a new year!

So, let’s reflect over 2015 and how that year was.

January was a hard month for me. After realising I didn’t want to stay with that family I had to fly back to London to work up the nerve to tell her (also known as She Devil) that I wanted to leave. I did this at the end of the month and got kicked out early February.

Thank godess for my amazing friend Sophia who took me in at her house in Brighton for a week or I would have been out in the street! I then moved in with my new host family and it was pretty much a very smooth ride from there on.

When summertime came it meant concerts and fun things with Carms. June was a month full of amazing things! On the 6th we went to the Capital Summertime Ball, then I met Joey Graceffa on the 11th and we saw the amazing band Lux Lisbon and I got to help with the filming of their video on the 12th. June 18th we went to British Summertime Festival in Hyde Park and saw The Strokes. I flew to Sweden on the 22nd to see One Direction for the first time on their On The Road Again Tour the next day!

July was moving moth for me, my aupair experience with my amazing second host family was over and it was sad times, but it had to happen and I’m incredibly happy to say that I’m still in contact with them and I still see them every now and then.

August I met Chris Tomphson, one of the most inspiring youtubers I follow. It was the month where I got to work Summer In The City, the UKs biggest youtube convention. Whilst doing this I met amazing people who I hope I have around for a good amount of years and I got to work the fist real big scale event, ever! I was so exhausted after clocking in 26h in two days but it was worth every single second of sleep I lost. The day after Summer In The City was done I flew off to the US to see my mother. Spent a few days with her and my grandparents and then I was off to see the boys for the second time, this time in Chicago.

September my sister Adela came to see me in London and was there for ten days! We had an amazing time and I’m so glad I got to spend that time with her in the city I love! On the 12th I moved in to my student accommodation room, where I live now and I’m going to be living until September this year! Haven’t lived in the same place for this long since I lived in Sweden so it’s amazing! My amazing friend Hanna moved back to Sweden that month as well which was sad but oh well, what can you do? And I got to see the boys for the third time in London!

October, oh October! I had a boat party with my uni peeps, got a job at Subway, turned 20 and started uni! Also, and it might be a big deal for some and might not be a big deal for others (I know it definitely was for me) I got to see the boys for the fourth and last time at their last OTRA tour stop and their last tour stop before their 18 month break in Sheffield on Halloween.

November I got a new job, quit Subway (we all know how that ended) and worked the UK Beatbox Championship! I also met Tyler Oakley, no biggie!

December I’m still at my same job and loving it more and more every day! I had to turn in my first uni assessments which was scary af. I went with my amazing friend Rebekah to see the filming of Alan Carr where the boys were preforming and talking and having lols. I worked another event for one of my teachers and I came back to Spain. I’ve been in Spain enjoying time with my family and getting absolutely exhausted!

I can easily say that 2015 has been an eventful year in a very good way, looking at it from where I was to where I am both psychologically, physically and emotionally I’m a lot happier with who I am and what I do.
Old friends and new ones, classmates and work colleagues thank you for being a part of this amazing year. To my family, I love you all very much, couldn’t have gotten through this year without your unconditional support and love.

Now, let’s make 2016 even better!