I’m back home, back in London and I couldn’t be happier to be here!
Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed being in Spain and seeing old friends and my family but, as per usual, I stayed too long.

I got back on the 6th and had a chilled day in where I unpacked and did some food shopping before getting in to bed really early. Yesterday I had to go by some things I needed like underwear and what not, I saw Carmi and cuddled her for a bit and then went to work. I enjoyed work yesterday, it was a short shift, I got put on my favourite bar and there were no rude customers! After work we headed over to the pub and I had a very deep conversation with one of the guys from work about Christmas and how we’re ment to look at thing from a skeptic perspective, quite interesting.

Today I’ve called the TV licensing people to tell them to leave me alone, that I don’t use my tv so they can just shush. I’ve called the people from the gym I used to go to in August to tell them to give me back the money they’ve been charging me and to stop doing it, I haven’t been a member since September. And I’ve payed my last Three bill which I honestly have just been putting off, so that one was on me haha! I’ve also edited todays video and that’s uploading as I write this, it’s an unusual one so keep an eye out for that! I’m now emailing with an artist manager about some school work and I’m going to study for my Events Management assessment that I have do in ten weeks.. It’s good to be back!

I’m now going to do that so have a lovely day and a wonderful weekend and I’ll talk to you whenever! xx


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