Fundraiser gig



18th of February, that’s eleven days ago and it’s also the day I held my very first concert.

It’s a leraning curve and for a first concert I’m quite happy with the result, but I also know that I’m going to start getting grey hair and wrinkles a lot faster in this line of work, I’m ok with this.

Organising a concert, or any other event, is not an easy task and whoever says different has never done it. It takes time, patience, planning and a great team to make the dream happen.

Time is something that I underestimated, did not think I would need the amount of time I needed, if it were up to me I’d had the concert before Christmas, thank godess for my colleague who told me I was mad and that it would not happen. I started planning this sometime late October, I had the idea and started the research. I thought I could do it on my own. Late November I realised I could most definitely not do it on my own so I brought in someone from my university who studies Events Management. What he helped me with was sitting down and putting things on to paper, realise the time we needed and got me a bit organised, I still did everything else myself pretty much, but he put a limit to my dreaming and helped me with my OCD.

I’ve had sleepless nights, long days and a few anxiety/rage attacks throughout the process of planning this. Artists are very talented but sometimes hard to work with, because they are such creative people. If someone comes in and tries taking control of your baby then you might get a bit pissed off. There’s a lot of paperwork that goes in to planning an event, a lot of contracts, risk assessments and other papers that you need just to be able to cover your ass if something was to happen during the event. Sometimes an event manager will be called a promoter, why? Because we nag people about them coming to our events, we’re promoting our events (if we can’t afford a promotions team, which I obviously can’t), so I think all my facebook friends will unfriend me soon if I keep posting this amount of flyers for events I’m organising… Deal people! And because I was organising an event in aid of Believe in Magic, I needed to contact them as well, let me tell you, this was no easy task!

When all the planning and promoting was done and the day was finally here I woke up with the biggest smile on my face. It was time. I headed to the venue and got there at 5pm, the bands started turning up, we set up the venue, soundcheck and food before doors. The event in its self ran quite smoothly, no major issues, everyone was very cooperative and patient, the one thing that could have been better was the turnout. Again, for my very first event I’m quite happy.

I filmed everything but the audio in the footage is dead so I can’t actually use it, which sucks..

Anyway peeps, I hope you all enjoyed this post, might not have been what you expected when you started reading it but it’s what you got!



Mean to be studying.

Hi everyone!

I know, I haven’t written in a very long time, but if you couldn’t tell from my last post I’m quite bussy at the moment and the lack of sleep is severe. I’m actually meant to be studying right now but instead I decided to take a small break and write in this blog of mine that I have abandoned.. 

So, how’s everything with you? How’s 2016 treating you so far? Was Valentine’s Day amazing?

I’m doing quite good considering life is very busy atm.. I have almost finished two assessments and made the library my new home so I now have three assessments left and one 30min presentation, shouldn’t be too hard.. (Please someone kill me now, I’m going insane!)

Today I interviewed for a placement at the very first Latin festival in London, and honestly seeing the lineup I’m excited! My childhood is coming to London and it’s going to be amazing! Really do hope I get this, should be an epic 24h! If I don’t get to work there I’ll just get tickets and go have some fun anyway hihi 🙂

I’m also hosting my very first concert, ever, tomorrow at the Star of Kings and it’s driving me insane, the stress is overwhelming and I almost canceled the whole thing last night but I’m ok now, kind of, sort of, not really, but if it all goes tits up me and whoever shows up are just gonna have a party and I’m getting ridiculously drunk to forget the total ass I made of myself. (Seriously, someone please kill me now!) 

Work has been kind of slow now and it’s only set to slow down even more, which sucks, so I guess when this stupid assessment month is over I’m going to be looking for a second job… I can’t not have a job, London is too expensive, specially with uni..

I’m now going to do some other kind of procrastination before heading back to uni in about 2h for my lesson… I’m so sleepy, all I want to do is sleep for a good 24h.. Also, mother dearest, when you read this go straight to your email and proof read the two assessments I’ve sent you so I can send them in asap, thanks!

Love you all loads! xxxx

5500 words and 50min.

I may or may not be a bit stressed and overwhelmed at the moment.

This past week we have been getting all of our assessment briefs for our term two assessments at uni and it ads up to 5500 written words and 50min worth of presentations… Luckily 20min of these presentations are just to prepare us for our 1500 written assessment..

I’ve now been writing down all the research for my Events Management assessment for about three weeks and I’m up to five pages of research and I’m not even done.. I don’t want to know how many words that is because I bet you it’s more than 1000..

Anyway, how’s your guys’s life been? I’m sorry I’m very MIA from here, and anywhere really haha! Quite bussy with uni work and actual work and sleep and social life and youtube and everything.. Hopefully come March 20th I’m done with uni for a month and I can get my life back and maybe even go to the gym! Doesn’t that sound amazing?!

Been sitting here listening to my “starred” playlist on spotify, which is a playlist I haven’t touched in years, whilst writing down all this research and mate, I used to listen to some great tunes! Right now Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson is playing, this tune was my jam! *cringe because of basic white bitch language*

I do need to get back to doing uni work now, I won’t have that much time this week so I need to get as much of it done as possible today, hopefully even be done with the research for this one and do a first draft of my Physical and Digital Marketing one before our meeting in a week… Doesn’t my life sound like fun?!

Enjoy life kids, it’s short and we’re young a dumb!