James Bay at work


I just got home after the best shift at work. This is because we had the very first James Bay show of the four sold out shows he’s playing at the Hammersmith Apollo.

Honesty hour! Before I found out he was gonna play at work I had only heard two or three of his songs, but I did my homework and quite liked it.

After months of waiting the day was finally here, the fist gig! I got to work hours before I was ment to be there and watched James do soundcheck and completely fell in love. Then my amazing bosses put me on one of the inside bars so I got to see the whole show!

Soundcheck felt like a little personal gig because I was pretty much the only one there for the few hours it lasted, sitting up in circle just admiring the hard work and passion this artists puts in to his art. He was kind and funny to both musicians, backup singers and crew, but also a professional and kew exactly how he wanted the night to sound. The vocals sounded like a little piece of heaven in that empty auditorium where you could literally hear a pin drop. You know the sound that they put in the movies when they see heaven? It sounded like that, just… Well heavenly! Also, fun fact: he was not wearing his legendary hat during soundcheck!

The room started filling up as soon as the doors were open at 7pm. The support act was called Frances. She was a lovely girl that just sat there with her little keyboard and some amazingly kickass vocals and lyrics. Just my cup of tea, also, the perfect opening act for James Bay. She played for half an hour and then James was finally on!

Obviously, because I was working, I couldn’t just stand there and watch the whole show, I was serving alcoholic beverages to costumers but I still watched a fair bit of it!

James was received with a roaring scream from all the fans, both male and female. He played for about 90 minutes and the crowd, and myself, just wanted more! He has an amazing stage presence, he involves the crowd and just expels so much passion and enjoyment that it’s hard not to love him, his music and his gigs.

The highlights for myself were when he played “If you ever want to fall in love”, “Let it go”, “Best fake smile”, “Move together” and “Hold back the river”. Obviously these are his most famous songs so a big percentage of why they were highlights is because the crowd was singing along. Which brings me to my absolute favourite moment of the whole night: “Scars”. I have no words to describe the feeling inside me when the whole crowd started singing along with James in perfect harmony, myself and my friend and colleague Cannelle had honest goosebumps and were on the verge of tearing up! I wish I could upload a video so you could all experience the amazingness that is a whole crowd singing along to a song they all love.

Mid concert he did something very unexpected, he just started playing the chords to Elvis Presleys “Can’t help falling in love” and when the crowd caught up with it and started singing along, the smile on his face was amazing. He didn’t sing a single lyric, he just played and let the crowd do the singing.

He had an en-cours, of course, and did a few more songs, finishing up with a cover and then “Hold back the river”, leaving the crowd wanting more like a true professional.

All in all it was an amazing experience, even if I did have to work it! Myself and my colleagues were dancing and singing and having a blast, which the customers were also loving haha!

So yeah, this is a highly recommended show to go to! Even if it is sold out, some people can’t go and are selling their tickets online, look for some and don’t miss out on an epic night out!

All photos are mine unless stated otherwise.


Assessment Month.


This past month has been very full up, very stressful and very tiring. Why? Because I’ve had a bunch of assessments and therefore I’ve been living in the library..

The best thing I did to get through this month is getting myself a study buddy, thank God for Rebekah! The thing is that if I haven’t made a commitment to someone that I’m gonna meet them to study there’s a very high probability that I won’t go and just stay in bed, therefore when myself and Rebekah made plans to meat at a certain time I was up and there right on time and stayed there for a good few hours!


Another thing that really helped me is having a structure.. I know how OCD that sounds but it’s true, it really helped. I did two assessments at a time, a hard one and an easy one. Spent the morning doing one and the evening doing another, therefore avoiding going crazy and getting utterly bored! I wrote down all the research and printed it, wrote my drafts and printed them, I kept writing and printing over and over until I was happy with the result and sent it for proofreading.

Having someone to proofread my work was great, specially having three people from outside my course! I had my mother, father and childhood best friend, all of them send me their feedback and I just touched up the final draft I had and sent it on it’s way!

Hope this helps some of you if you’re still doing your assessments, and remember drink loads of water, have breaks and eat food!

Love you all!

Gym mornings.

12722384_10207261064956730_1550827607_oGod I’ve missed this!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know how much I love exercising. Yes, I’m also the laziest person you know, but at the same time I enjoy going to the gym and sweating until I feel like I’m drowning in my own sweat.

Sadly I was unable to exercise for a good few months because of my knees but I went to the physio and he said that I could go to the gym if I wanted so that means that I’m back!

I’m ridiculously careful when I’m at the gym because of my fear of having to have surgery if I completely screw my knees up so I’m taking it easy, exercising mainly legs to strengthen them and avoid surgery.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

This also means that I have to use some machines in a way that other people wouldn’t, because the physio told me to, this will strengthen my knees. I also have to plan in some time to do some other specific exercises, that again, the physio told me to do.

Granted, I’ve been to doctors and physiotherapists before and just ignored what they’ve told me to do, and of course, that brings us to today. Because I was young and dumb and ignored my doctors I now have to take it very seriously, so if I look ridiculous at the gym doing certain exercises then so be it. I’d rather look ridiculous than have to have surgery..

I’m now gonna stop procastinating and actually study, one assessment left. I can do this!

Much love!

Hits me on my soft spot.

For anyone who’s known me through my life it is no surprise that Kelly Clarkson is one of my all time favourites when it comes to music, personality, female empowerment… Well, life in general.

I have memories of twelve year old me sitting at the family computer at home after having lunch playing that pet game on facebook and listening to songs like ‘Because Of You’, ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ and ‘Behind These Hazel Eyes’. The first song I ever covered for my old youtube channel and the one and only song I’ve ever performed live on my own is ‘Breakaway’.

When I saw the lineup for the Summertime Ball that Carmi and I went to last summer and I saw that she was performing the excitement was even bigger than any of the 1D concerts I’ve ever been to, and if you follow my blog this should tell you quite a lot about how much I look up to her.

So, getting to my point! When I saw that she’d been on America’s Got Talent I’m ashamed to admit that I wasn’t to fuzed about it to be honest because I’m more of an XFactor type of girl, but I watched the performance (as I do with every performance she does), and I cried. I think I’ve watched it at least twenty times now and I cry every single time. I sent it to my friend Rebekah at the library the other day and she cried.

Honestly, just watch it and you’ll understand. Also, you’re welcome!