Assessment Month.


This past month has been very full up, very stressful and very tiring. Why? Because I’ve had a bunch of assessments and therefore I’ve been living in the library..

The best thing I did to get through this month is getting myself a study buddy, thank God for Rebekah! The thing is that if I haven’t made a commitment to someone that I’m gonna meet them to study there’s a very high probability that I won’t go and just stay in bed, therefore when myself and Rebekah made plans to meat at a certain time I was up and there right on time and stayed there for a good few hours!


Another thing that really helped me is having a structure.. I know how OCD that sounds but it’s true, it really helped. I did two assessments at a time, a hard one and an easy one. Spent the morning doing one and the evening doing another, therefore avoiding going crazy and getting utterly bored! I wrote down all the research and printed it, wrote my drafts and printed them, I kept writing and printing over and over until I was happy with the result and sent it for proofreading.

Having someone to proofread my work was great, specially having three people from outside my course! I had my mother, father and childhood best friend, all of them send me their feedback and I just touched up the final draft I had and sent it on it’s way!

Hope this helps some of you if you’re still doing your assessments, and remember drink loads of water, have breaks and eat food!

Love you all!


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