The Great Escape ’16



What an amazing weekend!!

Festival season has started for little old me and I could not have asked for a better festival to kick it off with than The Great Escape. For those of you who don’t know, The Great Escape is a city showcase festival with loads of artist playing from like 12pm to 3am all around venues in all of Brighton. I was lucky enough to be a volunteer, and even though we are at the very bottom of the hierarchy I still had a blast, learned so much and made amazing friends and contacts!

I arrived on Wednesday and went to my friend Sofia’s to drop my bag and have a quick catchup with her before heading down to registration and briefing. When I was down there they asked if a few of us could stay and help finish a box of goody bags that needed doing, naive little me thought that it wouldn’t take that long and that one box shouldn’t be that much… Hours. It took us hours to get through that bloody box..

Thursday was the very first day of the actual festival so I went to sign in and then to the North Lain Brewhouse, or as I call it, work. There I met Tyler who was the Sound Engineer Volunteer and when we finally managed to get inside we met Symond (Venue Rep), Sam (Sound Engineer) and Jack (some other important role that I can not for the life of me remember!) One hour in to the day and our backline hasn’t turned up for soundcheck and there’s bands missing and everything just seems to be going mad and Symond hands me the radio and says “I have to pop away for a bit, I’ll be back, but you’re in charge.” Yeah, inside I was panicking, on the outside I was as calm as can be. It went ok though, nothing really happened. We finally got another backline and the show went on, a bit late, but we managed to catch up the time we lost. At the end of the night I was so knackered I just went home and went to sleep, tbh.

Friday was a good day. Another show day and two of my friends came around which was very fun, got to spend some time with my people whilst doing what I love! At the end of the night I was very keen on going out, because why not? I somehow ended up in a club with Jack (boss person who’s role I can’t remember) and his mates and we were dancing, there was jagerbombs going around and before I knew it I was walking home at 4am. Safe to say Brighton people know how to party! I thought my Spanish side could take it but the level of my hangover the next day was ridiculous..

Saturday morning I got to the venue and asked for water, loads and loads of water and tea and just kept myself hydrated all the time because I was dying! Not only from my hangover but from tiredness as well.. The day was long but I had Paige there so we had a nice chat and then I went off to see Mindofalion to another venue as well so I had a little break. Somehow I was very keen on going out again but when I was heading home no one was going out and as soon as I got in to bed I got the text of where people were at.. Yeah, very annoying.. So I stayed in bed and had a very long and nice sleep!

Sunday was epic. The festival itself was over on Saturday and so all the staff and volunteers got free drinks from 12 to 6pm and I can promise you, we made good use of them free drinks! I was meant to just pop down for one drink and say proper goodbyes to the peeps but instead I started drinking beer and going to the photobooth and dancing and all of the sudden I was getting the 10.44pm train home which was so slow and annoying and I didn’t get home/fall asleep until like 2am, which normally wouldn’t bother me, but I had an exam this morning, hehe..

Anyway, the festival was amazing, Brighton was amazing and everything this weekend has just been amazing and fun. I can honestly say that I’ve come back from Brighton a changed person, being more honest with myself about what I want in life and how I’m going to get there.

So here’s to next year TGE!


New Youth


Last night was amazing. I just needed to start off by saying that..

Let me explain what happened last night to make it amazing, well my lovelies, last night myself and six of my classmates had our Events Management Assessment A2, which was basically go out and put on an concert, and so we did, and we kicked ass!

So, we’ve been working on this for a solid three months now, working our assess off and really pushing to organise the best concert we could. If I’m being completely honest, I thought it was all going to go tits up (excuse the expression) because we had six acts that needed to do soundcheck in two hours and perform in three, pus have changeovers in between them, madness! When I told some of my industry contacts about our tight schedule they looked at me like I was completely crazy, but we managed to do it!

The first act was Joe Traxler, who played at my last gig as well. Then we had Lina Hellgren, who’s one of the crew’s roommate and also amazing on stage! Beth completely killed it with her chilled vibe and got everyone in that “relaxed feel good” vibe. Kasharne got us all dancing, I even looked over at people who I know don’t dance to save their lives and there they were, shaking that bootie like there was no tomorrow! Jasmine was our youngest act and the first one with a full band, completely smashed it as well. And as our headline act and also the only act not from BIMM, we were lucky to have Pocket Money performing their last show as Pocket Money (they’re apparently changing their name) and they brought the house down! A big thank you to all of the amazing acts that agreed to play for nothing more than our gratitude and the few beers we could provide, so much love to you all!

I ofcouse have to give out so much love to the amazing team I had by my side. Let’s be honest, we’ve been all over the place the last few months but we came together and got everything done to the extent where we were almost sold out! We had some small hick ups during the night, like the fact that we were running ahead of time (yeah, that’s not a hick up, that’s a great thing!) so I lied, there were no hick ups at all and everything because of the crew and all the effort we put in together as a team! The adrenaline after the concert was just epic and it’s all thanks to these six beautiful humans!

So all I want to say is thank you, thank you to everyone who was there, all 152 people, wether you were performing, crew, family, BIMM students or none of the above: Thank you. Every time I get to do stuff like this I am more and more sure it’s what I want to do every day for the rest of my life. I’m a happy events manager right now!

I’m going to go watch my snapshat story again and again and remember that last night did actually happen!

All the love.

My sister was here!

Hello people of the internet, long time no see!


My sister has been here! A member of my family has finally come to visit me in London (mother, you don’t count, I didn’t live in London when you came to visit me). It’s honestly been exhausting… Not in a ‘oh my God, now I have to take care of her’ type of way, but in a physical type of way, let me explain.

She got here on Friday night, after I’d just pulled the second night of Shawn Mendes at work. We went home, had a pizza, a catch up and went to sleep.

Saturday was a day of being tourists.. We got up and the very first stop was, of course, the Big Ben (or Benny, as us London people call him). From there we walked through all of South Bank, all the way to St. Paul’s Cathedral, in the burning heat that was last Saturday… At St. Paul’s we took the tourist bus that took us around London in a more comfortable, not as exhausting, type of way. We went all the way to Green Park where we got off and walked to Leicester Square, had lunch and walked back to Oxford Street. I then had to go to work. Yeah, after all of that, I had to go to work! Did another very long shift and then we all went to the pub, where my sister met all of the crazy people I have the pleasure of calling my friends! After the pub my sister went home (because she’s an old lady and can’t stay up past 1am) and the rest of us headed to Aubrey’s, as per usual! I didn’t stay long as I knew my sister was going to wake me up early the next day.

Sunday was Camden day. It’s one of my favourite places in London and so we took it easy and enjoyed the beautiful day in the market. We had fish and chips (of course!) but the service was awful.. After Camden we took a bus down to Hyde Park where we had waffles and did a little people watching before walking down to Green Park and Buckingham Palace and then coming home. We were meant to go to a bbq but we were honestly exhausted… We came home, had a chill hour and then went to the movies and saw The Huntsman: Winters War (or whatever it’s called). It’s a typical american movie to be honest, I think the first one was better..

Monday was the last day sister dearest was here. So we went shopping! We hit Westfield like there was no tomorrow! But in a very quick way because we had to come home and she had to pack before leaving home at like 2.30pm for the airport. Yeah, safe to say we panicked a bit there haha!

13147356_10154060939991142_2839786581261281246_oAnyway, it’s actually been lovely having my sister here. I don’t see her very often so when I do get to spend some time with her I appreciate it very much!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend in the sun, just like we have:)

All the love, xx


Snowboard Canada's - RELAX.mp4_snapshot_03.55_[2012.11.22_16.46.32]

It’s been a stressful few months and I have a few more stressful months ahead so I’ve had to find myself things to relax and breathe.

The first thing I do, and I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember, is I spend time alone. Not only so I can get stuff done, but time alone where I can re-charge my batteries and just remember to take care of myself. It can be a very long shower, watching a few episodes of a show or just laying in bed for 1h when I wake up doing nothing but relaxing and enjoying my ever so rare lie-in.

Sometimes I might have spent so much time on my own working that I just need to get out of my own bubble and enjoy some time with my friends. I’ve been loving the nice summer weather we had two weeks ago where we were able to spend some time outside, but I’ve also been loving them nights at the pub or at my friends house.

Going for walks has become one of my things to do as well. If I can walk there I will, specially if it’s a beautiful day! The other day I was in Southbank and I just went for a stroll, without even noticing it I ended up by Buckingham Palace! (if you know London, that’s quite the way to walk without realising it!)

When I go on these walks I’ve started picking up my phone, unable to help myself I’ve started taking pictures, and I’ve fallen in love with photography all over again. I guess two years away from studying photography and being forced to take boring photos every week that then will get judged in front of 16 other people by a very hard teacher is just what I needed to fall in love with it like I did the first time around. I can not help but see my life and the world with a more creative eye and then I’m just snapping away! I can not wait for my new camera to get here so I can take even better photos 🙂

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One of my all time passions has been music and live concerts. Because of where I work, where I live, the school I go to and the friends I have I’ve been going to concerts at least three to four times a month, which I never would have thought I’d be able to do! This relaxes me as well. Just being able to go somewhere, have a drink with your friends, a nice conversation and then see someone get on a stage and play the music they love and, most times, have composed themselves. There’s just something magical about it!

My boyfriend and I have also started colouring in “adult colouring books” (I don’t know what the difference between an adult and a child one is, but that’s what they’re called..) I’ve always loved doing things with my hands like building things, drawing, colouring, cooking… And colouring has now taken over my life a bit haha!

So, there you go! Some of the things I do to relax and re-charge the good old batteries!

Hope you are all having a lovely Bank Holiday Monday!

All the love!