My sister was here!

Hello people of the internet, long time no see!


My sister has been here! A member of my family has finally come to visit me in London (mother, you don’t count, I didn’t live in London when you came to visit me). It’s honestly been exhausting… Not in a ‘oh my God, now I have to take care of her’ type of way, but in a physical type of way, let me explain.

She got here on Friday night, after I’d just pulled the second night of Shawn Mendes at work. We went home, had a pizza, a catch up and went to sleep.

Saturday was a day of being tourists.. We got up and the very first stop was, of course, the Big Ben (or Benny, as us London people call him). From there we walked through all of South Bank, all the way to St. Paul’s Cathedral, in the burning heat that was last Saturday… At St. Paul’s we took the tourist bus that took us around London in a more comfortable, not as exhausting, type of way. We went all the way to Green Park where we got off and walked to Leicester Square, had lunch and walked back to Oxford Street. I then had to go to work. Yeah, after all of that, I had to go to work! Did another very long shift and then we all went to the pub, where my sister met all of the crazy people I have the pleasure of calling my friends! After the pub my sister went home (because she’s an old lady and can’t stay up past 1am) and the rest of us headed to Aubrey’s, as per usual! I didn’t stay long as I knew my sister was going to wake me up early the next day.

Sunday was Camden day. It’s one of my favourite places in London and so we took it easy and enjoyed the beautiful day in the market. We had fish and chips (of course!) but the service was awful.. After Camden we took a bus down to Hyde Park where we had waffles and did a little people watching before walking down to Green Park and Buckingham Palace and then coming home. We were meant to go to a bbq but we were honestly exhausted… We came home, had a chill hour and then went to the movies and saw The Huntsman: Winters War (or whatever it’s called). It’s a typical american movie to be honest, I think the first one was better..

Monday was the last day sister dearest was here. So we went shopping! We hit Westfield like there was no tomorrow! But in a very quick way because we had to come home and she had to pack before leaving home at like 2.30pm for the airport. Yeah, safe to say we panicked a bit there haha!

13147356_10154060939991142_2839786581261281246_oAnyway, it’s actually been lovely having my sister here. I don’t see her very often so when I do get to spend some time with her I appreciate it very much!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend in the sun, just like we have:)

All the love, xx


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