Mengelkamp Family Reunion 2016


I’m just sitting on the flight on my way back home to London after an amazing few days in France with the Mengelkamp clan. 

I flew in on Tuesday morning after having little to no sleep at all and it has been a constant stream of fun things with the family. We first went on a boat where I can honestly say half of my bodyweight just melted away because it was so boiling hot! After that we headed over to a ranch where they have bulls for razing, not bullfighting, if that makes it any better (hint, it doesn’t). There we got to see how they bring all of the bulls together and then separate four one by one. They were also kind enough to show us how they mark the bulls… Safe to say myself and two of my cousins were “disgusted in the human race”, as one of them described it. We then got to have a lovely dinner in the company of about three thousand mosquitos who decided I was their dinner. 

Wednesday was a day for tree climbing and zip lining! Myself, my mother, uncle and three cousins headed off to a place right next to where we were living and spent a solid four hours there up in the trees. It was so much fun! Also very physically challenging and hot, but that’s beside the point now haha! I do however have to mention how proud I am of my mother. She has had vertigo now for a solid twelve years and she cowgirled up and climbed that tree like her life depended on it! And not only a tree, she climbed the side of a bridge, zip lined over a river and, if that wasn’t enough, when we did the hardest/highest course she was at the front of the group leading us like the queen she is! When myself and two of my cousins grabbed the bikes and went home, my mother stayed back with some other Mengelkamps and did yet another course, GO MUM! Wednesday evening was for Colombian food, games and magic as my Colombian aunt’s family came over cooked food for us and then invited us to join them in some very fun games.

Thursday we went to see an old castle. When you put it like that it sounds quite boring but I enjoy seeing old castles, forts and houses, don’t know why… Maybe I just find it fascinating imagining how they would have lived there way back when. Anyway, my parents and I went there with two of my cousins. We climbed up that hill, then up to the castle and climbed in through the ruins of said castle. There was also a little play going on called “the great battle” which was very entertaining, even though we understood nothing because they were speaking french… When we got home we all went for a swim before going to a night market in the next town over. 

The last day was Friday. One of my cousins suggested that we went canoeing and so we rallied up the troops and headed off. It took us about 1h to get there, then FOUR hours to paddle through 15km in the burning sun and then 1h back. The ride itself was lovely, there was quite a few rapids so it wasn’t dull at all and we stopped to take a bath every now and then which was greatly appreciated as it was like 38ºC out and not one cloud to be seen anywhere! I’m now a living, walking, human tomato because I’m so sunburned.. Let’s just hope it turns in to a nice tan haha! When we got back to the house and had all applied like five ayers of aloe gel on our sunburns it kind of hit us that it was the last night together and we got kind of sad. Grandma cooked us a lovely pasta dinner and everyone who was left in the house sat down for a family meal before all of us started dropping out and heading to bed.

When we woke up this morning there was just time to pack the last things, having breakfast, saying goodbye and heading off or dad’s head would have exploded. They dropped me at the airport and here I am now, writing this little blog post about my wonderful four days with my family in sunny France.


Us Mengelkamps we’re not blood related, we’re not all born and bread in the same place, we don’t spend every summer and christmas together but we are family. A multicultural, multi-age, ginormous, very weird and odd family, but family nevertheless. I had this conversation with my uncle whilst having dinner the other day, whenever we all get together it’s all so simple and nice. No one has to pretend to be someone they’re not, there is no stress, there is no complications, nothing. So this one goes out to all my aunts, uncles and cousins from all different countries and cultures; to my amazing grandparents who have brought us all together and to my parents and sister, wether you were there this time around or not: thank you for being my family.

Ps. Stay tuned for a lovely video of this holiday over on my youtube channel


Six Years Of One Direction.

The fangirl world is going crazy today as it’s been six years since the amazing band One Direction was formed by Simon Cowell on the X Factor.

Deep Breaths People! Deep Breaths!

As a fangirl myself I’m having a very sentimental day listening/watching all of their music videos and all their behind the scenes videos on their youtube channel (I’m also ill and have nothing better to do) and reminiscing on all of the amazing memories I have from going to their concerts.

The first time I got to see the boys live was back in the summer of 2014 when myself and my best friend Jennie flew over to London, queued in the pouring rain for 12h and then finally got to see the boys live after having just listened to their music for four years!

The second time was that same summer, with that same best friend, but this time we were in Madrid queuing for 12h in the burning sun.. It was so hot that the firemen came with the massive hose and soaked us down. It was a very long day but so worth it.

After that I didn’t get to see them until the next tour when I went to Sweden. I was meant to go with my best friends again but they couldn’t make it so I made friends there, which is a tradition that I picked up then haha! This was also the first time I saw the boys without Zayn, because of the small detail of him leaving the band and what not..

Capital Summertime Ball was next, oh godess I had a blast! Took Carmi with me and we literally queued for 14h to then watch a 7h concert, safe to say we were exhausted after that! We did however make some great friends that I still keep in contact with every now and then.

I got to meet Liam and Louis in between concerts when Carmi and I went to the Believe in Magic Celebrity Fundraiser Ball. Such lovely guys, and even though they were out having a nice time with all their family and friends and people that they actually know Louis and I had a fairly long and nice conversation about  life and stuff, such a nice chap!

I then did the craziest thing and few over to Chicago to see them there. Yeah, all on my own haha! I bought the extra ticket one of the girls had and I headed over there. I had a great time at the concert and met some incredibly fun Americans after and we went on a midnight adventure to take the post-concert blues away. Oh, great times!

Got back to London and I could not just sit around and not see them when they were right here for six days, so I got tickets, sold the second one to a Swedish girl and we went and saw them. I actually lost my voice at this concert, which hasn’t ever happened at any of the other concerts.. Maybe it was because we had so much space and we could move and dance so much that I kinda forgot about the fact that I can actually loose my voice haha!

Last time seeing the boys on tour was at their very last concert up in Sheffield. I went with my friend Kauthar, she had the tickets originally and I bought it from her. What an emotional ride! I wrote a whole blogpost about how I cried like a baby and how it’s the best concert I’ve ever been to… If you want to read it click here and it’ll take you straight there.

I was lucky enough to see them once again before they went completely MIA. Rebekah had won tickets to the Alan Carr filming when they were going to be there and she took me! So much fun, we had a complete blast! They’re utter fools, but we love them so much for it!

So, as the last part of this post that I’m sure no one but my family is going to read I’d just like to thank the boys. A lot of people make fun of me for liking them, they make fun of them because “they’re not a real band” but honestly, I couldn’t care less. I’ve made amazing friends through them, some of the best memories I have are at their concerts, or listening to their music with my friends, or I don’t know, I’m just glad and thankful I found them and that they’ve given six years of their lives to us.

Yes, they are on hiatus now and they’re doing their own stuff, but wether they come back in 18 months like they said or in 20 years I know we will still be here to welcome them back with open arms, and meanwhile we’ll be supporting their individual careers.

Thank you for these six years boys.

It’s literally taken me 1.30h to write this because of the previously mentioned music video watching, it’s very distracting tbh!

Mumford & Sons – Hyde Park BST


Let’s be honest, I wasn’t a massive Mumford fan, I knew a few songs but I mainly went because my best friend from Spain was here and I thought it sounded like good fun, I love myself a live gig. After the concert however, they have won me over and I can now say I’m a Mumford & Sons fan and will be listening exclusively to their music for a solid few months.

As the end of their 15 month world tour they came home to London and played their 50th show in their home town and made it an amazing one. Not only did they play headliners on Friday at the Barcleys presents British Summertime Festival in Hyde Park but they got to hand pick every single band that played there during the day, on every stage, and made it, as Mumford himself said “a day we would enjoy ourselves.”

They had a two hour set and we were there for the eight hours of the day-festival having a few drinks and a little bit of very expensive food before heading over to sit in the area closest to the stage to make sure we had a good place for when they came on at 8.20pm. I did however run away for the period of half an hour to go see the Mystery Jets on the Barcleys Stage.

When they came on all the fans went crazy and they kicked off with “Snake Eyes” and then played one of their hits “Little Lion Man”. Like I mentioned, I wasn’t a very big Mumford fan so I’d only listened to the most popular songs on Spotify so even though I was enjoying discovering a lot of new songs I was very happy when they played “Believe” in the middle of their main set and I went crazy haha! Two songs after that mega hype they played a song called “Ghost That We Knew” and that almost made me cry because the lyrics are so darn beautiful and hit me right in my soft spot..


For some songs they got artists from the band Baaba Maal up on stage with them to play since they went over to South Africa to record a mini-album with them and the songs are quite famous. One girl right next to us seemed to be from South Africa because every time they’d come on stage she’d get on her boyfriends shoulders with a South African flag hanging down and seemed to be very proud of herself!

All 65.000 of us got very surprised when during “Ditmas” Mumford ran down and around half of the crowd then straight through to the middle of the crowd and then decided to crowd-roll (he was rolling over us like a ball instead of like a surfboard) over the rest of us to the front of the stage, madness! But he is a brilliant entertainer and people obviously loved it, myself included!

There was two encores and the first one was so damn beautiful it brought my little musical hear to the breach of tears. All four of them went to what is called B-Stage and sang two songs, acoustically with just one gitarr in to one mic. I’ve never seen 65000 people sing more quietly and it was just magical and beautiful and at that point I was 100% sold.

The second encore was back on the main stage and they played four songs, one of which was “There Will Be Time” and that obviously included the whole of Baaba Maal to come back on stage. And after that the ever so awaited “I Will Wait” where the crowd just went completely crazy, myself included, and it was a great almost-end-of-the-concert-song as they then went on to then end it with “The Wolf”.

All in all the concert was amazing, and they’re great entertainers and performers. I am 100% sold on their music now that I’ve seen them live. I do however feel like I might be a bit too late as they did mention that this was the last live performance they were doing for a while as they’ve just ended their tour, so I’ll just have to wait a while to see them again.

Were you there? Did you enjoy it? Or have you seen them before? Let me know and we can have a chat about it in the comments down bellow!

Have a wonderful day my lovelies!

Mystery Jets – Hyde Park BST

You have to stay loyal to your people, right? I saw Mystery Jets for the first time back when I was working at Glasto (moment of silence because it’s over and I miss it..) and they performed a secret gig at Strummerville which is where I was working. When I went to BST to see Mumford & Sons I had no idea that they were playing there as well but as soon as I saw it on the lineup I knew I had to make the time to see them, and so I did.


Mystery Jets are a indie-pop/indie-rock four piece band that mainly kick ass on any stage where they perform. They toured with Mumford and Sons, which itself is quite impressive, and they have played at festivals like Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds Festivals as well as having toured a few times.

Whilst the rest of my friends held our spot for Mumford & Sons I ran away to the Barcleys Stage for half an hour to see their amazing set. When I got there it was already packed but I managed to squeeze my way in to fifth row and dance along with all the people that actually knew them and enjoyed their music. Seeing as it’s only the second time I see them I only knew a few of the lyrics here and there but I still enjoyed the energy the crowd showed and seeing how much fun the boys were having on stage.

I’d love to tell you the songs that they played but I can honestly not remember the names of them but I can vouch for the fact that they were amazing and if you click HERE it will take you to their Spotify where you can find all their music, hopefully that makes up for it!

If you were there let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Have a lovely day beauties!

Glastonbury 2016


What an experience! I would not be lying if I said that it’s right at the top with the best things I’ve done my whole life.. Amazing!

On the 19th of June myself and my sound engineer teacher-person went off to Glastonbury to do sound engineering/stage managing at the Strummerville stage, which is quite a big deal tbh. When we got to Castle Cary there was only one coach going to Glasto so we got on it and the bloody thing dropped us off at Gate A, which for you who don’t know is literally on the other side of Glasto to where we were going.. As no one wanted to give us a lift across the site we had to walk it, carrying all our things for 10 days and in the pouring rain. So much fun… It took us two hours through mud, rain and up a bloody hill to get there, but we got to the campsite eventually and then we spent 24h in the pissing rain.

On Tuesday most of the team had arrived and the rain had stopped, which meant we were off to set the rig up.. Ridiculously heavy equipment, but thankfully the Strummerville boys were kind enough to help us out! Then we had to do all the techincal stuff like connect everything, set all the extra speakers up and test the whole thing, but we took our sweet time doing that as the first live performance wasn’t until Thursday.

When Thursday came around I had a horrible hangover from being out and about on Wednesday evening seeing as that’s when the festival opened to the public and my favourite lecturer runs The Rum Shack (one of the grassroots hiphop stages) so I was there all night partying my ass off! But I was down at the site at 11 am on Thursday morning to find that there had been a flood on our stage because we had this wonderful tree going through the middle of it.. But once that was fixed it was back to working mode, lifting equipment and getting everything ready to rock and roll! Will did all the sound engineering throughout the weekend and myself and Mr. Dave Danger did the stage managing. Because of my horrible hangover I decided to go to bed early on Thursday and then kick off the weekend properly on Friday.

And so I did indeed! Friday was an easy day at work because we only had like one band and then DJs. Dave turned up with a horrible hangover which I found hilarious and left him to sit and try taking care of that whilst I did all the work and I then nagged his ear off for a while as payment haha! After everything was done I chilled with the DJs for a while, they were extremely nice (and probably very high on something) so it was a lot of fun to just hang with them for a bit before I headed down to the mayhem to meet up with my friend Ellie from Wildlife. Now, because Glasto is such a big festival and there’s a ridiculous amount of people it’s very hard to find someone but very easy to loose them. So by the time I got to where we were meeting Ellie had lost one of her mates and it took forever so in the end I decided I was going to go see Muse all on my own, which I enjoyed and I made some friends there anyway. I did however have a bit of an anxiety attack in the middle of the like 3rd song so I had to get out of there and before I managed to get to my tent I ran in to some other friends and partied all night long!

Saturday was another crazy day at work. As always we were there at 11am testing everything, but when I got down there I found this horrible iron bar thingy across the front of my stage and I was fuming, it was absolutely horrible! I got the fact that it was balancing out the speakers and what not but it was ridiculous and a lot of the acts complained throughout the day, but there was nothing I could do about it, sadly.. When everything was ready for the day everyone took of for a few hours before the first performer was on so I had a chance to OCD out and tidy the container with all the equipment, the backstage area and the stage.. I was a happy camper after that! Dave took off early that night leaving me to stage manage, which was fine, I like that he trusted me like that with the stage and artists and clean up and everything else, it made me work ten times harder and realise what it is to properly stage manage without that “safety net” or whatever. When the cleanup was done it was time for me to run across the muddy Glasto all the way to the Pyramid Stage to see Adele, and I made it just in time for the first note of “Hello”! We did however call it an early night and go back to our tents after her set, which was amazing!

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Sunday came along and it was the last day of “active Glasto” which made me very sad tbh.. Our surprise act didn’t bring any equipment as they’d just done a set on another stage and so they didn’t have time to pack everything down so Dave and I were running around trying to find guitars and bass and everything else a band needs to perform live, but it worked out and they packed Strummerville out! When it came to the clean up at the end of the day I could feel myself tearing up because I felt this amazing experience coming to an end and I just didn’t want it to… Will and I stuck around and had a beer by the campfire with all the Strummerville people and it was just lovely.

I can honestly say that it has been the best experience of my life. I might have been soaking wet, covered in mud and exhausted for about 95% of the time but I could have kept going every day for the rest of my life, I know this is what I want to do and what I love to do, I just hope more opportunities like this comes along because I can’t see myself doing anything else in this world.

I’d like to thank Ford and Will for bringing me along to Glasto and letting me work my ass off every day. And of course the one and only Mr. Danger who listened to me bitch about life and has taught me so many things about the thing I love to do, like I said, I’m coming for your job!

Until next year Glasto, it’s been emotional!