Gig Review: Glass Peaks at The Rocksteady

Photo Credit: glasspeaksband on Twitter

As you know Glass Peaks new single Speak and Spell came out last Friday. (If you somehow missed it click here) So of course, we went to the release concert.

John Parry, a four piece band named after it’s lead singer from London, kicked the night off with their funky singer-songwriter sound. Without even noticing I found myself nodding along to every song of their set without even knowing them.

The second opening band were a band called Tuys that flew over all the way from Luxembourg for the concert. From the very start I was impressed by their sound, dynamics on stage and just overall performance. I have to say that for a non-english speaking band there was not any trace of an accent when they were singing.

Then the main act came on, the moment everyone there had been waiting for: Glass Peaks.

They did an eight song performance starting with Stay, having their first release Your Eyes as the middle man and finishing their incredible set with the newest single Speak and Spell. I will be the one annoying person to say that the vocals do need a bit of work. I personally love to sing along to a song and if I can’t fully hear and understand what the singer is saying the performance looses some of it’s charm to me. However, the energy, both on stage and in the crowd, was amazing, a definite crowd pleaser and something I would encourage you to experience.

Their next gig will be on February 12th at the Amersham Arms in SE London. (FB event) And I would recommend you get your tickets ASAP as these boys have a habit of selling out their gigs quite quickly!


New Music! Glass Peaks – Speak and Spell

In the beginning of December I got introduced to this four-piece band from Kent who seem to be taking the alt-pop world by storm, so it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t tell you all about their new single that came out yesterday!

The Glass Peaks boys Lewis (vocals, guitar, synths), Jake (guitar), Grant (drums) and Alfie (bass) haven’t been a band that long yet, even when I saw them last month the concert was practically sold out and everyone in there except for me seemed to know all the lyrics to all the songs. So I believe it’s safe to say that they are making a name for themselves.

Photo: Ant Adams photography

If you ask them who their influences have been when creating their music they’ll mention people like Joy Division and The Smiths, Ben Howard, Foals, The Maccabees and White Lies. But even thought they have high influence from these great artists they are working hard on making their own sound stick out putting their niche touch on an already popular sound.

Their new single is called Speak and Smell and was produced by Kristofer Harris who has worked with artists like Bear’s Den, Clock Opera, Smoke Fairies. I won’t go in to much detail about the song since I strongly believe that music should be heard, not described by words.

But I will now stop stalling you and taking up your time and let you enjoy the incredible new single by Glass Peaks, Speak and Spell.

If you like what you’ve just heard Glass Peaks is supporting Independent Venue Week and playing at The Rocksteady (Dalston) TONIGHT! Come by and say hello, I myself will definitely be there enjoying some good company and great music.


My space.

I have always been the type of person that likes to spend a lot of time on my own, so from a very young age I have always treated my room like my sanctuary, my safe space if you like. When I moved to Sweden my mother pointed out how important it was to make the space my own space and to really make it feel like home since this was the first time I was going to actually live away from home. Since then I have always had that philosophy, to bring something to make it feel like home.

Now that I live in Brighton and intend to live in this apartment for the better part of two years I have really tried making, at least my room, feel like home. Last night I decided to move all the furniture in my room around and I can honestly say I slept a lot better tonight than I have any other night I have lived in this apartment. Feng shui and what not..

So here are some photos of what I call, my safe place.

Why I’m stopping YouTube for a while.

Hello everyone.

So, if you follow my blog you probably follow my YouTube channel as well, and in that case today you will have see that I have uploaded a video explaining why I’m quitting YouTube for a little while.

The reason for this is that I am not finding joy in making YouTube videos anymore because it has gone from something I want to do and love doing to something I have to do. When I film a video I like to have the time to plan it, to really think of an idea, have the actual physical time to film the video without me being in a hurry because I have to do something else, and of course, having the time to properly edit the video.

Because of my travels to London all the time, my 2nd year at university and me trying to find a new job, I don’t have the time that YouTube requires off me and so I haven’t been fully happy with the content I’ve been uploading lately. I don’t see that it’s fair for either you or myself to have to upload videos that are just half entertaining or not at all, therefore I’d rather not upload at all.

I plan on doing a lot of admin things, finding new exciting content to film and just make sure that when I come back my videos are just as pleasing for me to make and watch as I hope they will be for you to watch. I want to make a lot more travel videos, or vlogs in general but again, I need to have the time for that and at this point in my life I can not prioritise travelling, not that I have the money to prioritise travelling haha!

I want to put my creativity here, on this blog. Writing has always been my way of expressing myself so I want to go back to the beginning of time and use this blog here just for that: to express myself and put my creativity out there, without any pressure of “having” to write something. If and when I have an idea and I want to write about it I shall do so.

Anyway, I don’t know exactly how long it will be, all I know is that I will eventually be back bigger an better.

Love you all! xx

Two Thousand and Sixteen.

It’s that time of the year again where I’m sat here with, in this case, a cup of hot chocolate reminiscing on the year that has passed.

Oh how things can change in just one years time, in just 365 days. I brought in the year that was living, studying and working in London. How to describe the first few months of 2016… Library, work, pub and alcohol, long nights and a new adventure.

February came around and with it Valentines Day, which has always and will always be my favourite day of the year. Most importantly I organised and staged my very first concert, all done by moi. Granted, it wasn’t a massive success, didn’t even come close to breaking even, it was absolutely not sold out; but, everyone that was there had a great time and I believe that at the end of the day that is what’s important.

March came around and I was still spending a lot of time at the library and at work, with barely a second to breathe. Yet somehow I found the time and energy to start sound engineer training at least once a week down at the Tooting Tram and Social. And I got to meet James Bay, so that was a highlight!

April, what can I say about April. I went to Sweden for a little escapade, just to find some actual time to breathe and get away from London. I think this is when I started to realise that I was drowning in London, that I needed to get out of there, leave somehow. April also marked the beginning of summer in the only way I know how to recognise it: with a Lux Lisbon concert (vlog).

In the beginning of May my sister came and visited me, granted, she only came around because we were meant to go to a country concert but the artist cancelled. She was here for a lovely weekend and two days after she left myself and some classmates held our assessment event that we called New Youth and it kicked ass. I have never felt so proud and excited about a night that I have worked at as I did that night. To know that six of us organised that night, that sold out night, to perfection is one of the greatest memories I have of 2016. In the end of May there’s this festival in Brighton called The Great Escape, just this little thing that is alright (note the sarcasm, please.) It was the beginning of festival season getting to work as Venue Rep Assistant at this one. Ending May with the most horrible and exhausting breakup I have been through.

June started with festival nr 2: The Great Skinhead Reunion in Brighton as well, working as Stage Manager Assistant. I think this is around the time I was realising that Brighton was going to be my next home and this is when I talked to the universities about transferring. The week after festival nr 3 came around which was my first festival that I got to work with my amazing friend Devin and where we met our new friend Luke, Wildlife. The memories, just amazing really, it was the beginning of an era. June 17th marked the end of my first year at university and the end of my time at BIMM London. Two days later I was on a train on my way to the biggest adventure of my life: Glastonbury Festival. Nine days of mud, rain, long walks up and down hills, heavy lifting, building stages, putting together the sound equipment, organising the stage and liaising with bands. This is still, to this day, the best nine days of my life. Thank you for this.

In July my childhood best friend Greta came to visit and we went to see Mumford and Sons perform at British Summertime in Hyde Park where Mumford himself crowd-surfed right next to us. Nothing much happened until the end of the month when I headed to France for a few days to a Mengelkamp family reunion. I have never, ever, in my life, been so sunburned as I was when I came back form France.

August was definitely the month of festivals.. Starting off with Summer in the City, those four amazing, exhausting days of youtubers, fangirls and my SitC family. This year I got to be a Team Leader for Meet and Greets and it was both the most exhausting and rewarding experience, so thank you for that. The week after myself, Devin and Luke headed off to VFest and worked long tiring shifts but loved all the music and amazingness that this job has allowed us to see. The following week was Reading Festival, which was the end of our festival squad and the camping festival season. It’s sad really, that we didn’t get the perfect festival squad together until the very end of festival season, but with any luck most of these amazing people will be there this summer as well so I get to see them again. The end of August was my moving day as well, I had to move all my things out of my apartment and I was officially homeless, yay. So I went to Spain for a week, because why not. I partied like my life depended on it, it was fiestas after all!

September started in Spain but as soon as I came back to England I moved in to an AirBnB in Hammersmith and worked the very last festival of festival season 2K16, BBC Proms. Then I took off to Sweden for a few weeks to see all those friends that I hadn’t seen since I moved away from Sweden back in 2014. After that summer 2016 was over. I came back and was homeless for a few more days but my amazing old host family let me move back in to my old room and took amazing care of me, like they always have. And Mr. Boss Man, if you’re reading this, thank you, again.

October was the start of a completely new adventure. I moved to Brighton, but somehow knew I needed to keep my job in London. So my amazing friend Rebekah let me stay with her during those first weekends. I turned 21 (whoop whoop!) and celebrated with the most amazing group of people in my favourite pub in London. I started my second year at university studying Events Management, changing courses is one of the best decisions I ever made, this is really the right thing for me. And ended the month on a high note with a Shawn Mendes concert with Devin to mend broken hearts.

November was a dramatic month, just like October was. So, like the completely sane and rational person I am, I went and got a massive tattoo on my leg the same day I was going to a concert. To say that I was in pain would be the understatement of the year, but it’s fine.. The Christmas vibes were starting to creep in so a bunch of us went ice-skating at the Natural History Museum and the One Direction fans in the group kept shouting “we’re having our Night Changes moment!” which I will forever love my girls for haha! UK Beatbox Championships came along and it blew my mind more than the previous years, if that is even possible!

December 2016 started with a much needed trip to the countryside with J, oh how I adore the English countryside. My amazing friend Victoria moved on the 17th so I squeezed in as much time as possible with her, which included going to the cat cafe, sky gardens and getting un-intentional matching tattoos as well as a very emotional goodbye party. J and I went to see the 1975 which was a lovely concert. Then I headed off to Spain for a short nine days with my family over Christmas. And then I came back here to bring in the new year with my little poo on a stick, J.

So what has 2016 taught me? It has taught me to never give up, to always get back up again, to chase your dreams because they really do come true, that if you want something and you work really hard for it and have patience you will get it. It has taught me that your heart can break in many different ways, by many different people but that there’s nothing that can’t be fixed with the love of friends and family. It has taught me to not give up on the people that need us. It has taught me that, sadly, friends come and go, but not to regret when we have to let go of someone, their time in our lives might be up and it’s time for both to move on and up. It has taught me to be happy and positive, no matter the situation, life goes on.

2017, please be good to me, to the people I love and to everyone else.