Gig Review: Glass Peaks at The Rocksteady

Photo Credit: glasspeaksband on Twitter

As you know Glass Peaks new single Speak and Spell came out last Friday. (If you somehow missed it click here) So of course, we went to the release concert.

John Parry, a four piece band named after it’s lead singer from London, kicked the night off with their funky singer-songwriter sound. Without even noticing I found myself nodding along to every song of their set without even knowing them.

The second opening band were a band called Tuys that flew over all the way from Luxembourg for the concert. From the very start I was impressed by their sound, dynamics on stage and just overall performance. I have to say that for a non-english speaking band there was not any trace of an accent when they were singing.

Then the main act came on, the moment everyone there had been waiting for: Glass Peaks.

They did an eight song performance starting with Stay, having their first release Your Eyes as the middle man and finishing their incredible set with the newest single Speak and Spell. I will be the one annoying person to say that the vocals do need a bit of work. I personally love to sing along to a song and if I can’t fully hear and understand what the singer is saying the performance looses some of it’s charm to me. However, the energy, both on stage and in the crowd, was amazing, a definite crowd pleaser and something I would encourage you to experience.

Their next gig will be on February 12th at the Amersham Arms in SE London. (FB event) And I would recommend you get your tickets ASAP as these boys have a habit of selling out their gigs quite quickly!


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