Assessment Time. HELP!

Procrastination 101: Write a blog post about how stressful assessments are instead of writing said assessments.


I’m lucky this year because I only have to turn in six assessments at the end of the year, not like in first year where I turned in about twelve at least. But this means that said assessments aren’t just 1500 words long and more like 3500 words and that there is about five times as much pressure for us to do good seeing as our whole mark for that course rides on that one assessment. Yay.

Myself and my boyfriend have booked two holidays now, one for the end of May for a week and the other one just a few days later in the beginning of June for ten days. Which means that a, that’s seventeen days that I am not going to be able to work; and b, when I get back from the second holiday I have one week left of my second year at university. Therefore, as the responsible adult (and I use those word very loosely) that I am I have started with my assessments and have decided that I want to send them all in before the 20th of May. Yes, that’s university week 27 and about a month before university finishes.

So, like I said, I have started my researching and writing and tutorial chats and it’s incredibly overwhelming. However, let’s not panic just yet! Last year I did learn some tips and tricks that do help me when studying so I have decided to share these with you all, right now.

  1. Don’t let yourself get distracted (like I just got). Remember that you have deadlines and that you’re studying your course because you want to eventually work with whatever you are studying
  2. When I was younger I used to study just to pass my exams, not to actually learn something. I have now changed my chip and actually pay attention when in lecture and when studying and I have found that when I write my assessments I actually know what I am talking about, imagine that!
  3. Know what reference system your college/university uses and know it from top to bottom. Mine for example uses Harvard Referencing System and they will not hesitate to mark anyone down that has done it wrong.
  4. Do your reference list as you go. I can not stress enough how important this is! If you don’t you’ll just end up doing the research twice, the first time for the actual research and the second just to be able to reference it.
  5. Drink water and eat fruit instead of drinking coffee and eating chocolate/sweets. Ironic that it’s me saying this, but apples have been known to have a better effect in keeping people awake than coffee/tea. And we all know water is good for you, so hydrate people!
  6. Take breaks. You know how in movies people pull all nighters and get an A? That’s Hollywood for you. Don’t sit there for hours on end looking at the same assessment and the same research without getting up, moving around, getting a drink of water or even just opening a window and getting fresh air. I’m not saying do this every 5 minutes because you will never get your work done. But every 30 to 45min you deserve a 3 to 5min breather so your brain can think about something else and then pick up what you were doing.
  7. Concentrate. I know it sounds obvious, but those 30 to 45min periods you’re studying really concentrate, really pay attention to what you are doing and even though it’s such a short period of time you’ll find that you get so much more done.
  8. Find a place where you go to study, somewhere your brain associates with studying so you don’t get distracted by flatmates, parents, the internet or just the colour of your bedroom walls.
  9. Put your phone on silent and turn it upside-down. No distractions right?

And now that I have distracted myself for a while I have one hour to do some work before I have to go and meet some friends. Work hard, play hard people.



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