Watermelon Smoothie

Day two, smoothie number two.


For one serving I used:
1/2 of a quarter water melon
1/2 banana
A handfull of blueberries
1/2 strawberry yoghourt (Fresh strawberries are better but I didn’t have any)
Some almond milk (Put in however much feels good for you!)

When looking in the fridge today I found myself in a lack of ingredients. I started with the watermelon, blueberries and milk. However I felt like it was missing something, so I added half a banana and it was still missing something, some consistence. I thought about adding some greek yoghourt but I didn’t know if I wanted to risk that sweet after-taste that greek yoghourt has, so I went with half of a strawberry yoghourt. Half a yoghourt was enough for consistency.

It is absolutely delicious, just perfect haha!

Let me know what you think 🙂




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