We’ve all failed at something in our lives at some point. Whether it be at a job, on a test, in a relationship or even just at something as silly as walking down the stairs. We all fail at something at some point in our lives. The trick is not to let it get to you.

Today I had an interview for an internship that until I got the email for the interview I didn’t even remember applying for to be honest. But nevertheless I was quite excited as it was a media and journalism internship where I’d be writing loads of gig, album and song reviews as well as help out with their social media and YouTube videos. Sounded like something I’d quite enjoy to be honest. They asked me to review this song before the interview and bring it on the day, which was today, so I did.

You all know my style of writing isn’t very serious as I don’t tend to take myself very seriously and I just like to think of whomever is reading my posts as a friend and therefore I write my posts as if I was having a conversation with someone, speaking directly to someone. This doesn’t exclude reviews of whatever the review can be of.

I will say that the review I did for the internship wasn’t my best work as I’d just heard of the band and the song, but I did my research and managed to write something I was happy enough with. In my humble opinion it was witty and fun, yet it did indeed review the song as they had asked me.

I stayed at the café where we had our interview for nearly an hour speaking to the director of the label I was interviewing for and when I left I felt like it’d gone quite well, I even said so to my housemate. However I just got an email saying that I didn’t get the internship because my style of writing wasn’t a good fit for their blog which is fair enough.

Even though I didn’t want it whole heartedly and even though I couldn’t remember applying for the internship I still feel like I failed. It would have been nice to do YouTube videos again but without the pressure that I felt from my own channel and it would have been a great way to discover new music and new artists as well as expand on my journalism knowledge.

So here I am, just thinking about failing and how many times I’ve managed to fail just in the last year, not to mention my life. And, as I’m sure is no surprise, it kind of gets you down a bit..

So yeah, just thought I’d share.

Have a fab Easter Break