Summer in the City 2017

Summer in the City gets better and better every year I swear.


This has been my third year volunteering at SitC and second as a Team Leader in the Meet and Greet area, and what can I say? Every year I fall more and more in love with the event.

For those of you who live under a rock or something, Summer in the City is the UKs largest YouTube convention and it has panels, merch stalls, three small stages that were new this year, the main stage and the meet and greet area.

Thursday is just a day for us volunteers to get together and do about 7.000 goody bags, and I’m not even exagerating a little, we did a total of 7.000 of them. But its a nice environment because the whole volunteer family gets together and we get to know some of the newbies and see friends whom we haven’t seen in a year. After the long day of goody bagging we all went back to our respective apartments and something that was different for me this year was that myself and five of my friends were sharing a flat about 12 min away from the venue, in the same building as probably about 30 more people from our SitC family. My flat and our amazing Key Team Leader Charlotte had pizza and drinks in the apartment all in our pjs and had a chance to catch up in everything that has happened in the last year.


Friday morning came around and we all had different start times in the flat but myself and Alex, who is my SitC hubby and without whom I think I’d jump off of the ExCel roof at some point over the weekend, we started at 12. It was a very relaxed day seeing as there is not meet and greets on Friday so we had anxiety and panic training and then had a chance to wonder around the merch stalls and see everything that was happening in the expo hall. We ran in to Gary C when he was relaxing with a facemask and some kind of glove things so we joined him for a cheeky facemask. Then we did the instagram booth which had a swing and massive colourful baloons behind it, did a boomerang and another few photos before we went and helped out with the SitC merch and rolled some tshirts. I ran in to some more of the YouTubers whom were in my four lanes of m&g over the weekend so I introduced myself just so I would actually know their faces and they would know mine when the time came around. We all went to the pub after we were done just to have some dinner and catch up with more people, also to not just go home right after a long day.


Saturday I woke up and I do believe that the first words that came out of my mouth were “Alex, meet and greet starts today!” (obviously in a very sleepy and exhausted but at the same time excited voice). We got to the ExCel bright and early, had briefing all of us together and then us M&Gs went over and briefed all the volunteers and did some role-playing which is always fun, it gets the newbies more relaxed and comfortable around us all which is lovely. 12pm stress hit as we had thirteen m&g starting at the same time, thirteen. It was good though, once we got back in to the flow we managed to sort it out and everything ran perfectly. I had some amazing people on my lanes like Miles McKenna, Mark Ferris, Lucy Moon and Kingsley whom were all lovely! (There was more but I can’t be expected to remember everyones names, soz) There were some that ran over time (*cough* Niki and Sammy *cough*) because the YouTubers love talking to their viewers which is the sweetest thing. As per usual I became the “official Albon body guard” so after all my m&gs were done I helped Niki and Sammy at their merch m&g and then got them to the afterparty safely. It’s always nice seeing them two, like Niki said, if I don’t take care of them over the weekend no one will haha! After the day was done the floor2-flat2 people went to the O2 for dinner, but we were all so delirious we crashed when we got home.

Sunday, bittersweet Sunday. It’s the last day of SitC. M&Gs ran smoothly over the day although if I have to hear the words “fast track” again I might actually jump of the previously mentioned roof. Because there was so many fast-tracks I was actually around the crowd of fans again which I haven’t been in two years and it reminded me a lot of why I love this event, they’re all so blooming lovely! I had wonderful people like Pete Bucknall, Brizzy, MeetTheVloggers and The Gabbie Show (again, amongst others) on Sunday and they were all absolute stars! I actually had time to take a break and go see  my lovely friend Georgie whom I only seem to manage to see for about 30min once a year during SitC because we’re both so busy.. But nevertheless, it’s always lovely to see her! Surprisingly we finished with enough time to go to briefing, get changed and enjoy some of the rides and main stage performances before the night was over. Sunday night is always messy for us SitC volunteers as we all rally at the pub and have a few drinks, get emotional telling each other how much we love each other, what an amazing job we’ve all done and things like that that obviously go very well with the downing drinks, haha! The afterparty was very nice, got to catch up with some of the YouTubers and thank them for being so amazing as well as keeping up the praise with the volunteers. I ended up being the responsible one drinking water from about midnight and putting people in cabs home so that everyone got home safe and leaving last with Georgie and Lee. But it was a fantastic night and I wouldn’t change it.

Now, here comes the bit where I get sloppy and emotional and thank some people whom have made this weekend amazing, however I don’t have time to thank everyone so if you’re not in here please don’t get offended.

Georgie and Lee – thank you for aways being honest with us, whether we’ve majorly screwed up, not doing our jobs 100% to your liking or if we are being amazing, you’re always honest with us which is highly appreciated. You two always make managing a massive group of volunteers that are running the event look easy, when it really isn’t; you guys take a lot for us and you’re always inspiring (I believe I’ve had drunken chats with both of you about this on Sunday, lol). And of course, thank you for trusting me enough to bring me back and still give me all the responsibility you give me.

Charlotte – the shining star from heaven above that makes me not crawl up in to a ball of tears at the end of the corridor of doom every year come Sunday afternoon. Thank you for all you do, for making sure that myself, the rest of the M&G TLs are alright and above all, thanks for never bullshitting us and telling us both good and bad. You’re the glue that holds us together and we all meant everything that was said in the little huddle outside the pub. Love ya heaps.

My fellow m&g TLs – don’t even know where to start with you guys. Obviously this year we had our little newbie Lor, you were a star. We all know how stressful it is, specially it being your first year, but you handled it like an absolute pro and weren’t afraid to ask for help whenever needed. Meg, I feel like I barely saw you this year compared to last year because you were all the way down in 1 and I was all the way in 14! Having said that however, it’s always nice to know that you’re there, that you can help me with whatever so thank you for a second year of “which blonde team leader do you mean?”. Alex, my SitC hubby, you are my rock, you really are. I don’t think I say it enough, but you and me and the dynamics we have and how we work together really helps me get through the stress and the 50+km that the weekend brings. You always have that smile on your face and so much energy and you just lift my mood even if you’re just doing random yoga backstage or sitting on the trolly like the queen you are. I love you all so much, please don’t go making any other plans for the weekend of SitC because I can’t do it on my own.

Now that that is done, that the weekend is done and that my SitC blues has lead me to already put SitC 2018 in my calendar and make a countdown for it on my phone, I’mma go try find myself in the SitC vlogs that have come up.

Thank you creators, organisers, contractors, mcm, kilimanjaro, all the previously mentioned people, and of course, thank you to my SitC family for yet another amazing weekend. See you all in August 2018 (if not before!)

Also, tickets for SitC 2018 have already gone on sale if ya’ll wanna come and meet some fab YouTubers ->


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