Story time

It is story time here on my little abandoned blog..

Let’s rewind back to October 1st 2016, on that day myself, C and Mr. Boss Man drove down from Hertfordshire to Brighton where I was moving in to my new flat. In the beginning this flat seemed like the perfect place for me. It had a loft feel to it, it was big and open plan but it had two rooms so that me and my housemate could get privacy. The toilet and shower were outside of the flat itself (so in the landing) but it was only us in the building so I didn’t really mind it. If there was one thing that felt off for me from the very beginning was that my landlord wouldn’t agree to having a contract between the two of us, no matter how much I asked.

As time passed I realised a few things that were wrong with the place, starting with the fact that it was late October and there was absolutely no heating in the house! I found an electric heater that me and my housemate at the time would then proceed to “fight” about. This little heater did not have a big impact on the situation and there was more that one time where I’d come home and want to go to bed and it’d be 1°C in my bedroom. As you can imagine this was not fun. I also realised that the window in the bathroom was constantly open as the glass in one corner was just floating, which made it even colder. Amongst other things that didn’t make it specially warm. My landlords fix for this was to put up a piece of glass (literally) infront of the three older windows that weren’t double glazed, which did the trick for winter but also meant we couldn’t open the windows to get some air in which (and correct me if I am wrong) I like to do to ventilate the room.

When my next housemate moved in the landlord upped the rent from £425 to £450 because of the use of the electric heater, which I could understand. My father also managed to fix one of the old radiators that were there so we now had heating in the main room and that worked great! However we also discovered that we couldn’t use the oven and the stove at the same time as it wouldn’t cook the food because it took too much electricity; the freezer door was broken and so there was ice everywhere in the fridge/freezer; the shower was leaking through the wall in to the kitchen; the roof was leaking in to the hallway when it rained heavily (which it often does in England)…

Because of the previously mentioned piece of glass infront of the windows my housemate kept getting ill, so he was in a constant state of taking medicine. And when it came to summer (the wonderful warm summer we have had!) I wanted to open the windows to ventilate. Let me explain something before I go any further, because this is an old warehouse the walls are like a magnet for extreme weather, so when it’s cold outside it’s like twice as cold inside and when it’s hot outside its twice as hot inside. This being said, I wanted to open the window to my bedroom in June/July time when we had such a massive heatwave. Mr. Boss Man had to come down and help me and my housemate take down the glass from my bedroom window and his; which the landlord wasn’t happy about.

At the beginning of October this year I got my third housemate. She had just moved in when I started having troubles with the landlord. Said troubles came from me asking for him to fix the bloody window in the toilet like I’d been asking for a year. He kept saying “if you’re not happy you should find somewhere else to live” and other statements like that that basically meant he wanted me gone. With help from my parents I decided to stay, in the end I just have a few more months here and I could just take it, even if he was upping the price to £500pm (which let me tell you, the place in it’s current condition is not worth).

When my previous housemate moved out (in the end of September) he did not pay his half of the rent because of the conditions in which he moved out, so I had to pay an extra £225, I had the money and it was put aside to pay, as soon as the landlord had fixed the things that needed fixing. He then got aggressive.

On Nov 2nd after three messages where I explain to him that all other rent will be and has been in on time but that I will not give him the £225 until XYZ is fixed he went on to say, and I quote: “Please pay the rent we will sort that when I have time […]” and continued with “If the rent is not in by Friday you will have to move out I’m afraid […]”
Again, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t a landlords job to fix the problems that make it hard for the tenants to live in their property? Also, please remember the latter statement he made as it will be funny later on.

So, I received these messages whilst I was in lecture, aka. cue anxiety attack. Went to student support, cried and then made a plan. Paid the man on Friday mid day and came home to find that he’s told my housemate that “I’m afraid we have decided to move out ourselves so we need to vacate by the 15 of January really sorry I’m not a landlord and it’s not working for me”. Myself and my housemate then went the next day to view a place and took it on the spot.

Here’s where shit hits the fan. When I’m at the MTV EMAs he messages me asking what’s happening with the move, then the next day wanting an answer. Both me and my housemate message him and tell him we will be out by the 20th as that’s how long we have paid rent for. He proceeds to state that we need to give him a months notice, to which I tell him that he’s asked me to move on four occasions and that he has told my housemate she needs to be out by the 20th, so we obliged. Then plays the racist card with me (which is where the previously mentioned funny statement comes in) and says “In this country you give notice”. Are you having a laugh?! I’m sorry but in my country we follow the law.

This all brings us to today. Myself and my housemate have been living full time in the new place for 10 days, and today is the 20th which means it is the day where we have to have everything moved out of the old flat. The landlords wife (who has absolutely nothing to do with this and whom I have never dealt with!) sends me a message from his phone. This message contains things like “Do not leave mattress or anything anywhere near (adress not included for obvs reasons). We don’t want any of your stuff. […] Take your lock off the door and leave the front door keys behind. You tell (housemate name not included for obvs reasons) to do the same.” and then proceeds to call us immature and claims that we have a “complete lack of foresight” and says that “Just for the record I didn’t trust you from the start and unfortunately I have been proven right”.
Oh bless your heart m’am; do you really think I care about if you trust me or not?

Anyway, here’s a lesson to one and all to just go through agencies, at least they’re legal and will give you a contract.


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