Two Thousand And Seventeen

I don’t want to complain, really, that is not the aim of this post, the aim of it is to reminisce over the year that is about to finish. However, this year has probably been the worst year I have lived through.

January: I spent the first few days of January not sleeping because of a radiator leak that was flooding the flat. Went to my first concert of the year which of course had to be the amazing Echoic, because is there any other way of starting the year up? Other than that, I don’t really know what I did in January more than be in a relationship and go to job interviews.

February: Oh February how you hurt me. I went out and dogsat in Lewes for 9 days which was lovely as the little pupper was just the most adorable puppy ever and I got so many of my assessments finished. However these nine days also brought me the most painful breakup I have ever been through and I spent three days crying until I was able to go even just two hours without shedding a tear. Yeah. February 2017 was not a good month for me (which sucks because Valentines is my favourite day of the year..)

March: My parents came to visit me in March, that was nice! They actually came and saw the flat I was living in at the time. My ex also moved in to my flat at the same time as my parents were there but yeah, minor details. I also started my new amazing job at the end of March which has proven to be the thing I want to do for basically the rest of my life, so that’s nice to actually know what I want to do and where I want to end up.

April: In April we dogsat the fattest dog I have ever seen, which wasn’t the smartest thing if you knew that we were living in a second floor flat with very steep stairs up.. Vic came back from Australia to visit and celebrate her birthday! YAY! Bless her, I dragged her to see Lux Lisbon four days after she got to this timezone and she was so jetlagged but powered through like the champ she is! This concert for me also means that summer has started, it’s a three year tradition now that I go see them right before summer and I wouldn’t change it. It was also Vic’s birthday on April 30th so her family was over and we had a lovely time celebrating my best friends 22nd!

May: Oh May, exhaustive May. My job does this thing where it runs a month-long city-wide festival called Brighton Festival. This means that myself and the other techies are on 12-to-17h shifts 5 or 6 days a week. Yes. Exhaustive. But I also loved every single moment of it, bruises on my legs and bags under my eyes and all. I saw some amazing shows and met some amazing people that I hope to keep working with for many many years to come. I also started the internship of a lifetime at Brighton Pride. BRIGHTON PRIDE! How cool?? As well as this I got my Personal Licence, which basically means a bar can use me as a person to stand in it and they can sell alcohol, fun huh? Also, May in Brighton includes The Great Escape which is a must if you’re in the music industry, specially in Brighton. So I was running around like a mad person all month. Until the very last day when my job had the post-festival party and I got absolutely plastered with my colleagues.

June: See this getting absolutely plastered thing was not such a great idea when I was flying to Sweden the next day for my sisters graduation.. Spent two weeks in Sweden with my family. Sisters graduation in Uppsala, family road trip to my grandparents house (and my favourite place on earth!) in Söderhamn, then myself and my dad ended up in my home town on Östersund where I stayed with my Sweden-based best friend and just had a fantastic time with her! I then came back to Brighton for about four days to repack my bags and head off to Glastonbury! What can I say about Glastonbury? It was hot, I will start there, it was so incredibly hot! I was also very very ill. By this I mean, I lost my voice and was banned from site the day before doors so that everyone else wouldn’t get ill.. It got to the point where I’d asked a mate to give me a ride back to London instead of me taking that horrible train and told him if he wanted to leave before the Ed Sheeran performance I didn’t care, all I wanted was my bed. Luckily that didn’t happen and I got to see Ed Sheeran from like 10th row at Glastonbury and I lost my voice yet again. There was also a lot of work in this weekend, but I’m not gonna bore you with those details because who really cares about the hours and hours I spent working?

July: I think July brought me the best of gifts of this whole year. I got my festival family (both the core fam and the extensive one!) I also started the HAP festival season kicking off with British Summertime Festival in Hyde Park two weekends in London. Pride was still very present in my life and I was still going in every day I was in Brighton, no rest for the wicked. The end of July came along and with it the very last Secret Garden Party. And let me tell you something, for someone that works about 18h shifts on a bar at a festival so that everyone else can get absolutely shit-faced it is nice that one festival thought of us and actually had a 24h policy for one bar so that we could go out and party after our shifts were done. This also meant that I slept probably a total of like 6h over the weekend, but it was so worth it. SGP is definitely my favourite festival, so aesthetically pleasing, so beautiful, the people are just so happy, the party was constant.. I just loved every second of it!

August: For normal people summer is coming to an end in August, for me it’s like the middle of summer. It started with Summer in the City, so many hours with amazing friends, about 80k walked in one expo hall, and one drunk night to embarrass myself for the rest of time! Sahara and Stuart came down to visit me the weekend after and we had a lovely two days with a massive Cheese Fest Fail. Then it was Vfest and Reading Festivals.. Reading nearly killed me as I worked 60h and slept 9, but it was so worth it. Also, then myself, Ross and Layla went to Nottinghill Carnival the day after Reading was finished and that was fun!

September: Oh September how I love you! I flew to Sweden for the day to go see Niall Horan with my Sweden-based best friend which was so much fun! We then flew to Spain for fiestas. Fiestas is like my favourite week of the year, so much fun and partying and friends and no worries and just, urgh I just love it! When I got back the festival fam came down and stayed with me for five days and I legit almost cried when I got back to my house after dropping them off at the bus station because it was just too empty and sad and I didn’t like it. However myself and Layla went to se Echoic just a few days later so yay! My grandparents also came and visited which was so nice to have them here! My ex moved out, which was bittersweet. And I lived on my own for like two weeks until my new housemate moved in.

October: My new housemate moved in, yay! and then like two days later I went to Disney Land Paris for my birthday with Carmi! I spent my 22nd birthday at Disney like the grownup I am. If those celebrations weren’t enough I then gathered some friends the weekend after, took them paintballing and then got so extremely drunk (I am seeing a theme through this year..) Finished the month with the SitC family at MCM Comicon in London and that was amazing a lovely. Oh yeah, there was the small detail of me starting my third (and final!) year of university at the beginning of October.

November: Looking at my calendar for November (as I have been doing because I can’t possibly remember everything I’ve done this year by heart!) it looks like I’ve been a very very busy person. We went on a uni field-trip to Lapland UK which really got me in the Christmas spirit. My amazing friend Sahara got myself and Sunny tickets to accompany her and her girlfriend to the MTV EAMAs and the afterparty (how cool is that!?) I saw the amazing Echoic again on a Tuesday bc hey, I love to torture myself and get back home at 4am (so worth it tho!) 

December: December started with an ever so busy week! Got to chat to Gorillaz tour manager, production manager and other tour people which was so cool. Vic finally moved back from Australia. Worked both the end of term shows for uni. Vic came to see me in Brighton. Went to Harry Potter World with Layla. Went ice-skating with Vic (can you see a theme here?) Then I went to Bristol with the festival fam to celebrate Josh’s birthday. I then came back to Brighton for a single night and then off to Spain. Christmas was spent in Spain with my parents alone because my sister and grandparents stayed in Sweden. I also saw so many of my friends yet had a very chilled few days home which was nice! I am now back in Brighton and will not go travelling anywhere for a few months which is sad, but I have realised I am broke haha! New years will be spent with the Festival Fam in London.

Thank you for all the lessons learned this year. Than you if you’ve put up with my depressed ass this year instead of my usual positive self. And I hope y’all stick around for even more adventures in the years to come.

All the love xx


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